Logbook entry

Captain Sithu / 15 Jan 3306
The Asteroids and The Stars

It is currently the 15th of January, of the year 3306. I am far away.

I forgot to mention in my last entry that I had continued my journey well into the night. By the time I reached my destination of sorts, it was already well past 5 in the morning, going by Galactic Mean Time.

My destination, you ask? As it turns out, I haven't yet reached my proposed destination. I had to make a pit stop at a strange little place called Morgan's Rock in order to repair my FSD. All that neutron hopping did a number on her.

Neutron hopping itself, interestingly enough, is easy to understand, but harder to execute depending on how large your ship is. I'm sure my old Diamondback could handle it just fine, but the Harvest is slightly larger than that. She requires more consideration when flying into the cone of a wiggly boi.

Neutron hopping, as you might have guessed, is also incredibly dangerous. As I mentioned earlier, I had to repair my FSD after it suffered some not-so-minor damages from all that neutron hopping. My highway is lonely, but it is also dangerous.

That's not to say that my route has been nothing but danger. Oh, the things I have seen! I must say, the amount of data I've acquired is actually staggering, if you consider just how many systems I've been through so far. My preliminary check of the worth of such data revealed that all of it was worth just shy of 4 million credits. Amazing!

Of course, had I remembered to take a surface scanner with me, I'm sure that number would be much larger. Oh well, I guess it was better this way. For my first major expedition, I have covered quite a lot of ground.

So far, my journey has taken me about 5,500 light years from the Bubble. Today, I plan to return to said Bubble and reap the rewards of my journey.

Until then, dear reader, I will still be among the stars. And, if you ever find yourself at Morgan's Rock, mention my name. I like that place very much.

-Captain Sithu
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