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Korzhakov / 15 Jan 3306
It's been a while

A lot has happened in the past few months, and I have neglected to log most of it. I will try to summarize here as best I can. Things between Jean and I are better than I could have imagined, we did have our first argument, over her moving in, I lost the argument of course, she moved in a month ago, things are getting serious between us.

Jean did her first stint away on Mars for final prototyping of her design, she was so thrilled with the whole thing,she did great and the company recognized that with a nice award and bonus check for her.

I have been working on building a fall back point in case the Thargoids overrun human space. I have located a nice place, a couple thousand LY from the bubble in a wholly unremarkable system. It does have one nice Earth like and that is where I am building. Mostly pre fabricated sections for a nice sized compound, tucked away cave system large enough that I have build a landing pad for the "Hyperion" my anaconda.

A main house, guest house, landing pads for both a large and medium ship, workshop for all of the building and maintenance needs. A large warehouse for supplies, buildings for power generation and water filtration, storing the vehicles and robots that have helped me build this bunker on a distant world. currently the robots are finishing up the hydroponics systems. This site was chosen specifically to be self sustaining for an indefinite period of time.

The feeling that we are going to be in a all out war with the Thargoids is one I cannot shake, and although I will fight for our species, there is a possibility that we will not prevail, and that is what this is all for. It's enough for Jean and I plus my buddy Ronin and his Wife Della. If we end up winning the war, or coming to peace with the goids, then this place will make a great vacation spot. It's really a tropical paradise where I have built. Waterfalls, lush flora, fertile soil. plenty of sunshine and no humans or goids for thousands of light years. If needed, we can live out our lives here if it came to that. But lets hope it doesn't

In the meantime, I have not abandoned my life either, Ronin and I are planning a trip to Explorers Anchorage at the center of the galaxy, the right of passage trip to see Sag A Star. I am currently in the STEM sector gathering materials and gaining experience in my Phantom to prepare for the trip. Testing all of the systems and how I will handle long duration travel. So far, so good, she's a terribly comfortable ship to travel in, and Jean has ensured that I have all of the best system upgrades for the trip, and that everything on the "Prodromus" works to 100% efficiency.

So that about sums up the last few months, hopefully I will take the time to log down what's happening in life more often.
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