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Declaredsomnium / 16 Jan 3306
It’s been a while

Well, it’s safe to say that it has been a long time since I did an entry in this.

I was talking about taking out a Viper, and that ship was sold a long time ago. I fly an Anaconda now. One of two. The INV Forward Unto Dawn, a heavy attack ship, and I just finished flying to Beagle Point in my long range exploration ship, the INV Wandering Soul.

In fact, my last entry was from so long ago, the thargoids were not on the scene, and neither were the Engineers. It’s because of Felicity Farseer that the wandering soul was able to get over 50 LY in a single jump.

It’s while I was on my way back that I heard about the return of the Thargoids. Now, I’m not the biggest fan of combat, and there is no chance I would be able to go straight into fighting the xenological threat.

I still want to help, though.

I can do one thing. I can help in the evacuation. I thought on it long and hard, and what I want to fly. I do know this. The name of the ship.

Allow me to share a tale of an ancient mariner and the ill fated ship he sailed on. Charles Hubert Lightoller, the most senior officer of the RMS Titanic to survive a disaster, a seafaring cruise liner, almost akin to a Beluga Liner these days. It was on April the 15th, in the year nineteen fifteen, when she sank.

Lightoller was the most senior officer to escape that disaster.

That was not the only tale of this mariners life.

In late May to early June of the year nineteen forty. Charles Lightoller, along with his son, sailed a small pleasure craft (called the Sundowner) from a port in what was then called England to a small town in France called Dunkirk.

War was gripping the world back then. It was a vast and far reaching war, and would last several more years, and see the first use of Nuclear weapons in anger.

In 1940, the aggressors were winning, taking ground at a ravenous pace.

The defenders were on the back foot, and Dunkirk was the last place for the soldiers to step back to on the continent, they needed evacuation.

In this day and age, a few large ships could set down and get those troops out in a week. Be it the navy or CMDR’s like you and I.

This was the middle of the twentieth century, and space travel wasn’t even possible. Aircraft were still ill suited for the job too. So it was left to the ships, and civilian owned vessels took the nearly day long journey to try and save as many soldiers life’s as possible.

Lightoller, who had fought to save lives just thirty five years earlier in a ships sinking, took to the seas to save as many more lives as he could.

He, along with the countless others, saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

He died twelve years later.

In truth, both the ship he sailed on, and the wars that he lived through, are mostly forgotten. It’s only because of my love of ancient history that I even know of these events.

In honour of this man, my evacuation ship will carry his name. The INV C H Lightoller.
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It’s been a while
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