Logbook entry

MLMadness / 16 Jan 3306
Data Entry #2

Date 01/16/3306

----Communication Incoming----
-----Federation Admiral *Redacted*-----

Follow up - Mission Critical Objective's
Priority: Seek and Destroy Thargoid Incursion
Secondary: Provide security for damaged Space Stations
Timeframe: Immediate
Location: Witchhead Nebula
Assets Available: Federal Corvette & Krait MkII

CMDR's Log

I received a transmission from an unknown Federation Admiral. Must be high up the chain; or more likely a political frontrunner for his name to be redacted. Either way, I'm in. Burning up some aliens never sounded so good now that I'm finally in good with Aisling Duval and her Empire. Those Prismatic shields are everything they said they would be. Too bad for the pirate in the Mamba who interdicted me. He found out first hand the raw strength of the Prismatics. Maybe next time he'll... get his Imperial Cutter and track me down as I High Wake from system to system? Regardless.
Now I just need to prove myself to this new Engineer so he'll give me the time of day to upgrade the damn things! He's a Professor... with a lab... not exactly my kind of company. I'll bet he wears a white coat too. They call him Palin. He comes highly recommended but only for those who have dipped their toes fully into the black abyss we call space. 5,000 Light years worth of data; he better be worth it. I'll be behind schedule by a couple days to get the equipment I need before linking up with AXI. Haven't even made it to the Guardian sites. Hopefully the stations can hold out with the support they already have. I'd ask for assistance, If I knew who to ask. Where are the other Commanders?
Well, pitter-patter-lets-get-at-her. The damn goids aren't gonna kill themselves.
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