Logbook entry

Louis Isaacs / 17 Jan 3306
It's a Dirty Job.....And I'll Do It

I was always told about how I would feel, how heavily the size of it all would weigh on my mind and just how clueless I would be.

Throughout childhood and through core training I’d always felt the pull to leave the familiarity and safety of Matet behind. Graduation and my hand me down Sidewinder, brought systems like Dromi and Otegenie with range, and for a while I was happy jumping around the PF systems, running odd jobs for indy factions like Matet Fargo earning enough to keep me fuelled up and fed.

Fast forward a couple of years and I had my own gig hauling the dirty stuff a lot of the other recently qualified Commanders didn’t want messing up their cargo holds. Sol Invictus Galactic Trading had become the main contractor for running Biowaste between Mawson Dock and Coelho Station in Matet, which was home for me. A brand new Adder had recently arrived from the Zorgon Peterson shipyard in Orna and was making me decent money on its junk trips and my reputation amongst the local factions was growing. Things were OK, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that it wasn’t enough.
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