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Korzhakov / 19 Jan 3306
Last Run of the Night

I must have told myself that lie a half dozen times tonight, but still every time, I pull up station services and look at the mission boards. Every time, there is one more that I just can't turn down. I should be getting myself home to Ray Gateway and spending the evening at home with Jean. But NO, I pick up another 132 tons of cargo for a 6 million credit run just one system away, and then again, and again. I will probably be in trouble when I get home, but the 20 or so million I brought home should soften my punishment somewhat.

I've been picking up some needed materials for some final stage outfitting for power distributors and shield boosters. Several of my ships now have greatly upgraded versions of those two items.

My butt hurts from so many hours in the seat today, I finally dock at home, put the python to bed for the night arrange for the engineering upgrades to my ships. I grab my pack and my not so little anymore cat and we head up to the house.

When I get into the place, the subtle night lighting is set, and the place is dead quite, meaning Jean is already in bed. I'll be quite so that I don't wake her, and Bella sensing this goes right up on the bed and starts mewing to let Jean know were home, she rustles a bit and says "hey baby, welcome home" I say hello back and get out of my flight suit and walk to the shower.

I clean up and dry off and then climb into bed. I currently get less than 1/5th of the bed as Bella has decided to sleep with her long body stretched out on my side of the bed. Oh well, I am tired and will be sleeping very soon. I tell Jean that I will make omelettes for breakfast this morning to make up missing the whole night with her. She says that's great and she is right back asleep.

I lay my head down and drift off to sleep quickly. Later this morning will come in a few hours, I need the sleep.
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