Logbook entry

Bruce Coldrum / 19 Jan 3306

I made it to the Pleiades yesterday, after a long trek through the Arietis, Hyades and Aries Dark systems. Long in the sense that I was truly and utterly alone in these regions of space, not another living soul in sight, and no colonies here of any kind. If not for data I found in the map database, I'd think I was the first one there ever to pass through.

Presently, I rest my head on a comfy replicated tatami mat in the Asami Orbital ryokan style guest quarters in JC-V d2-62. I mapped most of the systems I passed through, where it was feasible, and I even figured out how to use my surface scanner on some metal worlds I found. Turns out, people are willing to pay good money for these maps in nearby inhabited systems. I had zero cargo, yet made a few million just selling the data. I could live off this business!

Between Wolf 1301 and here, I did get rid of my bi-weave shielding and traded it in for a regular grade A shield system. No more pirates catching me with my pants down!

According to the Nav computer, I have five short jumps to go. Once I am at the Maia system, I will pick up the required material, and then I intend to find the nearest pulsar, supercharge my FSD, and instantly get back to Farseers settlement without the hassle of a long trip. I haven't checked my maps yet, too tired, and this entire idea might me ludicrously inefficient. If it is, I will just chance it, and get back the old fashioned way..
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