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Korzhakov / 22 Jan 3306
Another Medium Sized Gunship

The problem with making decisions is that we have to make them based on the information that we have, and sometimes after exhaustive research, we make the best decision that we can and hope it works out. When I was starting out as a pilot, I made the decision to purchase a python as my first medium multipurpose. That first python made me a billionaire in less than a week doing deep core mining. I bought a second python for combat, outfitted it like a tank and have taken many a ship down with that beast. In fact it is the only ship I have been comfortable enough with to take into conflict zones, and it has served me well as one tough tank of a ship.

Now I am no stranger to the Krait MkII, as I have one outfitted for combat against the Thargoids, though I have only taken it into battle with a few scouts, it appears to be the weapon of choice against those aliens.

Yesterday I watched an article from a well respected spaceship journalist and his review of the Python reinforced everything I love about that ship. But he finished the article with why he would rather fly a Krait in combat. and it started the gears turning in my head. I quickly find myself calling Jean to discuss the MkII and she is very fond of these recently re-imagined ships. She talks of them fondly, and that's all the recommendation that I need. I tell her to place an order for one for me. She locates one quickly, just one system away. So I hop in my Cobra MkIII and jump on over to Daimler station. I make my way to the DeLacy sales office where they are expecting me. A sales associate helps me complete the transfer of the credits and the legal paperwork, and then a sales engineer escorts me to the hangar where my new ship is. I inform him that this isn't my first ship, so he skips the long overview and simply has the ships AI recognize me as the new owner.

I depart and make the jump back to Diaguandri, and once in the hangar, Jean has a crew arrive with the new modules that I want installed in the ship. It's not cheap, A rated modules for powerplant, thrusters, FSD, military grade composite armor, guardian shield modules to augment the new bi weave shields. New armaments and utilities and then the engineering upgrades to many of the new parts. It takes a while for the crew to finish and have her ready for me to test out. They finish the new no nonsense military style paint and I am ready to see how she performs.

A quick trip to the local nav beacon and within a short time some pilots with bounties on their heads start to appear. I deploy the weapons, and this setup is slightly different from my pythons, and the ships start going down like it was my job. This thing make fast work of just about everything that it comes up against. And then what I really wanted to test the ship out on appears, a wanted, dangerous rated Anaconda. I hit him with the beam lasers and he tries to turn his nose on me. I keep him off of me until I have his shields worn down to the last few seconds, he gets his nose on me and opens fire with everything he has, but it's too late, his shields fall and my triple multi-cannons open fire and his hull starts to get eaten up. He tries to run, but he can't get away, I keep the trigger down on the guns and kick the lasers back on too to finish him off. The mighty Anaconda explodes in a huge fireball.

I do a quick check of my ship and systems and all is well. My shields have not gone below 60% much less all the way down, and this new battle-wagon has taken more than her share of ships out on this little test run. After I am satisfied with how she flies and fights, I do one more quick check and see that I am running low on ammo. I head back to Ray Gateway and settle her into the hangar. She gets re-armed and then I upgrade her one large multi-cannon. Now she has even more punch.

Satisfied with the new purchase, I understand what the author was saying, while the python is a great ship. The Krait MkII is just more fun to fly, and with them similarly outfitted they are a near even match. With the python having slightly more armor and shields, but the krait having more speed and maneuverability, not to mention a better view out of the cockpit.

Flying this new MkII will also get me much more familiar with this model and how she fights, before I start to get serious and take on some of the large Thargoid ships.
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