Logbook entry

Otakunake / 25 Jan 3306
25 JAN 3306 CMDRLOG Dirigo: Stretching Her Legs

After months of preparation, the decision has been made:

Dirigo is finally prepared to take her maiden voyage to Colonia. With much preparation behind me, I must stay true to the ultimate goals I have set for this journey. Although I'm not looking forward to the monotony of COVAS ringing in my ears every jump, I trust this trip will become rewarding in its own right.

It's time to stretch the legs of this beautiful vessel. With a current range of 77.34LYs It's time to see where she can take me. As I document this voyage and set out, I am reminded of the ancient poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow:

"And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time;"

As many before me and many after, my embarkation is neither novel, nor something to be exalted; but I hope that I can be one to leave those footprints for others.

"A forlorn and shipwrcked brother,
Seeing shall take heart again."

Let us not forget where we've come from, press forward with the anticipation of greatness. I am facing the vastness with personal fervency, and wish to ignite the spark of exploration. I believe this ship will live up to her name:

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