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Korzhakov / 25 Jan 3306
I may have a problem

The alarms went off, there were stations attacked by the Thargoids, I scrambled out of bed, jumped into my RemLok and started for the elevator. 10 minutes later I am in the hangar, but it's going to take a few hours to reconfigure the Achilles Spear for rescue operations. I get coffee, and breakfast near the docks. I want to be ready to depart the moment she's configured.

I make my way back to her hangar, plot my route, do a very thorough pre-flight. I load up medical supplies and some food for my soon to be passengers. I finish my preparation, but am still hours away from the ship being ready to fly. Almost all of the non core compartments are being removed and replaced with cabins for evacuation. A shield booster swapped for a heat sink, and it's all taking too damned long.

Finally 6, hours after I jumped out of bed, I am in my seat and heading out of the station. I jump my way over to Electra and make my way to Cavalieri station. It's a mess, and lots of people are waiting very impatiently to get off of that station. I have pretty good passenger capacity so loading up over 100 people per flight. I make run after run between the station and the rescue mega ship. I have to reload my heat sinks each trip to the ship. After a few hours of run, I make the jump to Agricola's Ascent just a short distance away and the process begins again. I come in for my second landing and the platform next to me explodes, sending me sideways into the railing of my platform, I thrust to the right and make contact, the ship starts it's trip into the hangar.

Again I make run after run along with hundreds of other Commanders who are here to save our fellow humans. We get the station cleared out and then I land back on the rescue ship and put the python in the hangar and after being up for over 30 hours now, I simply collapse from exhaustion in my cabin.

I awake 6 hours later and start my return trip home. I don't have the right sized fuel scoop, so heating and long scoop times are a problem. I make it home to Diaguandri and once in the hangar, I head straight over to the DeLacy sales office. Sam sees me coming and knows this means he's about to make some credits. I order another Python. This one will be called MSAR, and she is going to be a dedicated station  rescue and evacuation ship. Never again will I be delayed by having to reconfigure such a large ship to go save lives. She gets a paint job that kinda looks like fire, so she looks the part. She has all the right equipment, proper fuel scoop, dual heat sinks and lots and lots of passenger capacity.

As Sam is putting in the order and doing the paperwork, and before they even assign me a hull, I order another python. Screw it, I won't spend my time re-configuring my pythons anymore. I simply order a basic ship, add my choice of weapons and the rest of the modules I already own, so this on is assigned as my mining python, I 'll call her "Catastrophic Failure" after what the asteroids do when the charges are placed just right.

The Python excels more than any other ship as a multi purpose ship. Ever since the early days when I purchased my first one and set her up for trading, I have accumulated modules to do every job she can do. I have had a dedicated combat python for a while now, but kept re-configuring my other one to do three different jobs.

Money is not an issue, and thanks to living with Jean, I now get the employee discount on ship purchases from Faulcon DeLacy.

I also picked up a second Krait MkII the other day, so I am beginning to think I may have a problem. Does anyone know if there is a help group for people with ship buying issues??
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