Logbook entry

Bruce Coldrum / 25 Jan 3306

The Daedalus got banged up good on the way back to civilian space. Not by any Pirates, oh no, but by my own hand as I tried landing on a planet that had a ton of riches waiting for me. First I damaged the hull landing. That wasn't too bad. Then I managed to really mess up the internals by accidentally throwing the silent running switches, whilst hovering over a high temperature world right under a star. It fried my internals, including the advanced docking computer. I am just lucky my canopy had no damage, my engines still functioned. Half my weapon array was gone and the shields had gone offline wouldn't immediately boot up. In any case, I decided to limp 'home' to the Gabri system for some repairs. I am very glad I did, as I discovered I had made a unique discovery along my route! Quite proud of myself. I am now quite a bit richer, too, thanks to the maps I sold. Despite having to cut the expedition short, I bagged a good 6+ million for my efforts. I didn't make it to HIP 49355, as was the planning, but I am just glad I made it back with all this data.

So what is next. My initial plan, after repairs, is to head towards Farseer to see if we can get my new FSD beefed up. She might tweak an extra lightyear out of her, who knows. Or, I could head back to the systems I passed through, and find more unique planets to map right now. Choices...
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