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Switch Killington / 26 Jan 3306
CMND Log 043: Prisoner of War

Cynadtels.  Cynatils.  Whatever, I can't spell the name of this backwater system.

Recently a faction that I support have expanded into the Cynatels system.  The Faction is well supported by Pilot's Federation Commanders, like myself, and the current faction in control, the PLC, is not.  Very quickly we started to slurp up influence, mostly by begging me for cash advances and sending me to assault plantary installations.  It didn't take long before the PLC escalated into open, armed conflict.  Which is great!

I love fighting, I love wars.  And I love stand up fights.  Mostly, because I have one of the biggest ships out there, and certainly can out perform and system craft, only the elites give me pause, but they are more like speedbumps, just longer to chew through.  So, of course I like fighting.  Molly is a bully.  So, I showed up at the station, got my massacre order, and headed to the conflict zones.  It only took me an hour to win 4 or 5 battles.  I was quickly racking them up, synthesizing reloads.  My presence alone quickly and decisively turns the tide of a battle.  Eventually, I had a couple million in combat bonds and happened to be simultaneously dry on everything so back to the dock to turn in and tune up.

I slipped quickly into the dock as per usual, nothing wrong, nobody gave me a second glance.  Maybe its my smuggling experience, I naturally land quickly and quietly.  But once I touched down I got a message over my radio, the station would scramble fighters if I launched.  They had me flagged hostile, I had a K.O.S. order from the station and security!  I was so flattered!  I had never in all my mercenary days had a faction resort to flagging me as murderable.

So I'm sitting in my ship, in the hanger.  I've got the station in my ear, if I take off they are going to blow me out of the sky.  On the deck I hear some small arms lazer fire tinking on my shield.  PLC goons are probably on the way to try and yank me out of my ship and into a brig.  Luckily, our Vet offices on station sent some toughs of their own down and I got safely out of my ship with just a brief fire fight.  But now I'm sitting in the office of our faction just, riding the couch.  PLC still controls the station for now, so I'm stuck in this gray zone.  I'm not wanted, I'm not a criminal, but they will gladly kill me.

I was in wing with Q and Rev during this, they suggest I get myself a sidewinder and take my chances in that instead of trying to float my giant multimillion cred Vette out.  If I can make it off the station I could pay to have it shipped to the next system over and get back in it.  I'm going to head to the shipyard and see what they got for sale now.  Wish me luck.

And.... that's a failure.

Good news, bad news.  I'm on Molly's Stockings, they didn't destroy my ship.  Bad news, they shipped me off to a detention center.  I'm on the Citadel of Justice.  RUDE!  Of ALL the crime I've done in this entire galaxy, I get shipped off to a prison ship with NO CHARGES?  I'd rather them blow me out of the airlock!  No, I get shipped to a prison ship for no crime.  At least it solved my POW problem.

Plan now is to continue pressure with the war, just use Sagan Dock as my repair/restock base.  It'll add a little more time but with no place to pick up Massacre Orders I'm not on any clock.  It's just freeplay time, get as many kills as I need, cash in the bonds at the end of the war.
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CMDR Switch Killington
Smuggler / Freedom Fighter
26 Jan 3306
CMND Log 043: Prisoner of War
Switch Killington
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