Logbook entry

Oak7603 / 26 Jan 3306
War in Chuntabon

I've just spent my day fighting in a war. It's the first time I've really been at war. I say really, in all honesty, it's the first time ever. I've never been in war before and it's tough. Real tough.

As the IRM for Kraunaha Industries (KI) you'd think I'd know how we even got here, hell, I'm responsible really but still. It all came so quick. Let's not forget, about a week ago I was on the REXES mission out in the Elysian Shore. Now I'm basically running whole systems. But anyway, how did we get here? I'm not sure. But here's how I think it happened.

So Chuntabon is a little backwater system of just over 33,000 people and they're pretty unsure of themselves. I mean, there are 7 factions and other than two of them that were at war when I turned up, they have a fairly equal share of the vote. KI were at about 19% and the Monarchy of Chuntabon were at about 26 (the warring factions were down at 7% each). Now he MoC are ruled by Esquire Marcus Barratt who is a pasty looking thug. Not what you think royalty looks like at all. He ran this weird feudal system here in Chuntabon that clearly wasn't working. Now Kraunaha, where KI is running things, they're running at almost 60% of the vote, the system is in a boom. Things are good. The people of Chuntabon need us. They're almost screaming out for help.

I started working things in Chuntabon as soon as I got my head around this new role. Nothing ground breaking, Ihelped out with some traders getting routes settled out to the nearby systems. Hauling goods here and there, setting up contracts, you know, just helping out. I did a few other missions carrying some data around. I may, or may not have even, over saw, ok, completed, a couple of little espionage type things. Nothing serious, just, well, you know. Anyway, I got to work and people have noticed. Over the last few days our share of the vote has risen to almost 25%. Now 6% is a big gain, and I know that's only about 2000 people but hey, they want in. They've seen what we can do and they want some.

This swing has pulled the MoC down a bit too and they aren't happy. But war? I didn't realise that this was going to happen so quick, yeah, I though things would get a bit tasty but not war. I was wrong. I realisedjust how wrong when I checked the morning security report and saw me at the top of the local bounty list. To be honest I was pissed that the bounty was only 1300CR! I finished checking the reports and then I started to read the news. We were at war. I ran to my ship, contacted the VP and got my orders. Fight. Fight like I've never fought before.

First things first, upgrade the ship. I was running a Python, engineered a little but I've never really ploughed much time into engineering so nothing fancy, but I wanted something a bit better. My vulture is in Kraunaha but I wanted to try something new so I took the Python out to Jameson Memorial in  Shinrarta and had a word with the guys there. I walked away with a Krait MK2, trader still, but suited to combat as well. I then got back and set about hiring an escort/bodyguard just like I was supposed to do when I first got this job. There were a few in the crew lounge at Omagatae and after looking everyone over, Angeline Bruce stood out by a mile. Top of her class and by far the best pilot there. She haggled a good cut, but I'm hoping it pays off.

We then briefed and set out to get this war over with. How did we do? Well I'm writing this so not too bad but we had good stints and bad. Getting used to a new ship, new characteristics and ways of flying, I had added some things at Jameson that I don't normally use too, and so at times I was a bit fingers and thumbs but rather than trying to remember every little bit I guess the summary would be that we lost  3 or 4 fighters, I lost my ship twice, but we made about half a mill in combat bonds (something I don't think May Bates at the Prospect Combat Bond office was too happy about) and won 3 battles, losing only one although I think that was lost before I got a chance to get going. I took out 27 MoC fighters and I'm hoping that makes a difference. Having never been in a war before I don't know if that's a good amount or a drop in the ocean. Time will tell I guess.

I'm tired. I'm about 10Mil in credits down. Angeline is tinkering with the Condor and hopefully we're winning the war. I hope it doesn't take long.

Fly safe Cmdrs, oh and if you want to help out then feel free just remember to fight for KI not MoC.
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