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Korzhakov / 27 Jan 3306
Not so quiet Sunday

I woke up a good bit before Jean was going to get up. I knew I needed to make a couple of runs I picked up yesterday, So I quietly slipped out of the house and headed toward the hangar to get these runs done so I could spend the afternoon with the girlfriend.

I stopped off at Nikki's Place for a quick breakfast and coffee, sitting at the counter enjoying my eggs and sausage, when a voice calls out my name "Korz?" I hear in a familiar voice, I turn to see the face of one of my squad mates from the FSS, we served for years together in the counter piracy unit, I get up from my seat and we embrace in a big bear hug. "Bill, how have you been brother!" I reply, he tells me he is still in the unit and that they are helping with the pirate issues currently happening in Diaguandri, although not a federal system, they were asked to assist as it's fairly bad. He is on station just for the day, picking up some of the supplies before heading off to their forward operating base. We spend a few minutes catching up, but his transport is leaving and he has to go. We hug again and he's gone, just like old times.

I get down to the hangar and climb into "Achilles Spear" my trade python. I head off and grab the supplies the faction wanted, took a couple of stops but found everything I was looking for, and just for fun, filled the rest of my hold with coffee to sell back at Ray Gateway.

I get back and deliver the items to the faction that ordered them. I put the python to bed for now and head back home, Jean is up now as it's about 1:30 pm GST. We spend the afternoon doing some lite shopping and then cleaning. She starts working on dinner and some meal prep for the week. She needs to be left to herself for a few hours. I see an alert from EXO operations, there is a problem in our home system Wolf 1301, they are having issues with instability, they need the agitators cleared out. Bounty hunting is the order of the day. I head down the big hangar and preflight the "Hyperion" my combat Anaconda. I grab my fighter pilot and we head off to Wolf 1301. Two jumps later and I am in combat mode, headed to the Haz Res sight.

I drop into the sight and the scope is clear, I have fly for only a short time and there are a lot of ships in the area. I start scanning and sure enough, wanted folks from the Wolf 1301 Syndicate. I find the biggest baddest target I can find, it's another Anaconda, and the pilot is rated as Dangerous. I get close, directly above him, and nail him dead center with my plasma accelerator, then the lasers start working on his shields, he is at the positional disadvantage, and he's trying to turn on my which is keeping his ship right in my sights, he eats two more plasma shots and the lasers haven't stopped,

He finally gets his nose pointed at me, but it's too late, his shields are down and my 5 multi-cannons go to work, his hull starts to wear down, but these ships are armored beasts and it's going to take a couple of passes before he's finished. He gets two more passes and only manages to get the outer ring of my shields worn down. I finish him with one last volley of cannon fire.  After that the rest of the ships were just Federal Drop ships, gunships, some vulture, and one notable python, though he went down pretty quickly. After racking up around 2 million in bounty voucher and my cannon ammo running low, I headed over to Saunders's Dive, the home station of EXO, though I stopped off at the "Family is more than blood" memorial to one of our fallen brothers.

I rearmed, collected my bounties and headed back home just in time for dinner and some nice time snugging on the couch with the woman that makes life a lot more fun.
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Not so quiet Sunday
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