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DogFace 11B / 28 Jan 3306
It Must Be Out There - CMDR DogFace 11B

I feel like I've been avoiding this for years. And now as I stare out into the abyss, wondering what awaits me; I can't help but feel overwhelmed. After all, I have close to no data to rely on. No documents to reference. And all past attempts to locate it have been mediocre at best. Save a few bright minds that are thinking outside the box.

But we are the mad ones. The ones on the fools errand. The ones chasing a ghost. A phantom planet know only as Raxxla.

I have reopened my research and am currently in the process of reviewing all of my old notes. Some of it is making sense, but I can definitely see the point where I started to lose it. The ramblings of a mad man. Looking for even the smallest connection. So many rabbit holes. I must avoid this at all costs this time around. I must apply logic to the problem.

I will spend the next few days or a week putting together my plan.

Phase I (Preparation)
- Review relevant data collected from past research.
- Research factions and persons associated.
- Research the Black Wheel Faction (More in depth now that more info is available.)
- Review past and current attempts to locate Raxxla. (Avoid Reaching.)
- Review old Star System Naming compared to the new Star System Names.
- Compile a list of systems to review and survey.

Phase II (Execution)
- More details to follow.
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