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Korzhakov / 30 Jan 3306
Defending our Faction's home system

I am strapped into "Syren" my combat only Python. I have plotted my course, three jumps in this short range tank to get to Wolf 1301, we are at war with one of the factions in my squadrons home system. Our headquarters, our memorials, our system are at stake due to so nefarious undertakings by our enemies. I come out of hyperspace into the system and plot a course to one of the battle sites. Many of our commanders are already there, we have come in from all over the bubble and beyond for this fight, we will not loose control of our home system.

I come out of super-cruise and see the melee in front of me. I deploy my hard-points, set my pips to systems and target the nearest enemy ship. It's a Viper MkIV, he wont last long, plasma rounds are not kind to small ships like that, he falls quickly, as does another Viper that decided it would be fun to engage me. Then it's a step up, The next ship that needs some attention is a Federal Corvette. I've never engaged one in a one on one fight, so this should be interesting.

He is focused on a small fighter that is harassing him and doesn't see me approach, he takes 4 full shots from my twin oversize plasma accelerators, his shield is seriously low. He starts to maneuver to get a shot on me, I'm laying into him with my multi cannons until I can line up another shot with the plasma. I keep working on his shields, He gets his nose on my after a few seconds but I unload and score direct hits with the plasma, his shields are down and I start up with the cannons again to work through his hull. More plasma rounds strike his now vulnerable hull, he knows he's in trouble so he starts to try and move away from me, but it's too late, I move in for the kill and with solid fire from the cannons and two more direct hits from the plasma, he explodes into a lot of pieces.

Next it's two ships that have decided to take me on at once, a Cobra and a FAS, this wouldn't be a problem, but the Corvette did a number on my shields and they are low. I have run out of heat sinks, so I can't use my cell bank, I start evasive maneuvers, get some shield strength back and go back to work on the two ships, but it was too late, they signaled retreat and started their high wake, I landed one last volley of plasma and going away present.

I headed over to the home station, Saunders's Dive, reloaded my weapons and my heat sinks, and grabbed a quick snack. I headed back out to another site. I drop in and begin with a FAS, then another, then a Python. One by one my enemies fall because no one fights like they do when it's for their own home. We quickly send the enemy into retreat and I plan another trip to rearm, but I see some of my squadron mates still engaged in combat, so I boost over as quickly as I can and find a couple of small ship still doing battle with a Corvette, somehow they must have disabled his thrusters, because he wasn't moving, the Vette's shields had just gone back up, so I started to hammer it with plasma rounds, the helpless Corvette couldn't get a shot off because we were behind him. He didn't last long, not the most honorable kill, but it's war for home, and morals become flexible at this point .

Rearmed and headed out the third time, this time it seemed as thought the biggest ship the enemy sent was a couple of Pythons, so I go for those first. I'm beginning to think they are running out of good pilots because I tear them both apart quickly with very little loss of my shield strength, I target and work my way through several FAS and Federal Gunships before they high tail it away from us again.

I am getting tired now and don't want to press my luck too much tonight. I get back the "Dive" and cash in my combat bonds. I grab myself some dinner and then head over to the squadron bar in our HQ section, drink scotch and recount battle tales with my fellow EXO brother and Sister pilots. After a couple of hours it's time to get some sleep. I get to my cabin on "Syren" and fall asleep quickly.

Today will bring more combat, but for home, it's what we do.
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