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Korzhakov / 31 Jan 3306
Junk Yard in Wolf 1301

"Commander, you are dehydrated, get some water soon or you will start to have problems" Astra reminds me as soon as we touch down in "The Dive" I have been running combat ops all day. I lost count of how many trips to the battle lines, and then after running them off, back to the Dive to get rearmed. I totally skipped lunch, and dinner and now that my body is telling me to stop and take care of it or it will stop on it's own. I find myself tucked in the hanger. Ship on station power and the rest of the systems offline so that the station techs can give her a good going over tonight while she is in the station.

Syren, my python as created a large junk yard in the system. We have put down more ships that I count today, and we need that, we need to make them suffer so many losses they will never think about challenging us again. I walk through the hangar and head for the closest cafe, I need food and I need it now. I find a little place open near our squadron HQ, I grab a quick sandwich and then report in at our operations center. I claim the combat bonds that I have earned today and it will hopefully go a long way to helping us win this war.

When I left Diaguandri yesterday, I packed knowing I was going to be here for a bit. So I left Bella the cat at home with Jean. Of course I have to check in with Jean each night when I get back, that's the deal. So I verify with operations that I am cleared and released from my duty day. I head over to a nearby hotel as the ship will be a hive of activity tonight with the work going on.

As I am checking in I get a call from maintenance and the python is going to need 3 gun barrels replaced on two of the multi cannons, I put so many rounds through them in the last couple of days that I have worn them out. I tell them to make her like new before tomorrow late morning. I have to get my crew rest now and can't be back on duty for another 9 hours.

I get to my room and get out of my Remlok, get a shower and change into some casual clothes and head down to the hotel bar. A couple of drams of single malt and it turns out they had a pretty nice appetizer sampler that went a long way to making me feel a little bit fuller. Tonight will not be like last night, no squadron bar, no war stories, just me, my drink and food and then off to my room. I am beat after everything today. I just can't really grasp how much fighting we have done today.

I get up into the room and send a message to Jean, letting her know that I am fine, the ship is great and she never lost her shields once today, she came close, but never did. So happy that I brought this monster to this battle.

Time to get some sleep. Tomorrow is another day of war, and I know war, and war never changes.
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