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Korzhakov / 02 Feb 3306
Cann Relay

The tones on my terminal went off. A station had been attacked by thargoids. I was just shutting down from a day of combat ops when I heard the call.

It wasn't close, over 800ly from home. I knew that my recent decision to purchase a dedicated station evacuation ship was about to pay off. I alerted Tess to have MSAR fueled and stocked. I made my way down to the hangar and was in the black in less than 30 minutes. It was a hike, 25 jumps seems like forever when people's lives can be counted in minutes or seconds.

I get to the station for my first run, the attack was still fresh. Fires, explosions, corrosive damage still taking place. I alert flight control that this is a private rescue vessel and I am here to evacuate survivors.

I deploy my hardpoints which are twin high capacity heat sinks. I know what it's going to be like in there. Night vision, lights, watch for floating debris. Find the landing pad, deploy la gear, watch the temp indicator and set of the heat sink when it gets critical. Down on the pad and into the hangar. I load up all my cabins and depart for the rescue mega ship. I do this until I can't safely do it anymore.

I fall asleep in my ship and wake up early the next morning. I make over twenty runs to the station that day. I fall asleep late that night again. I get up and make another 12 runs on Saturday.

I am done, I have evacuated over two thousand people in the two days I have been here. I head back home to Diaguandri, exhausted but feeling that I have done my part.

These things we do, So others may live.
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Cann Relay
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