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Turkish / 14 Feb 3306


Orion Expedition - Log - 004 - CMDR_Turkish.

Mission Start Point:  Betelgeuse

Mission Release Point: Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 (Explorer's Anchorage)

Total Estimated Total Distance: Circa 117,000.00 ly

Ship:  Stargazer (Krait Phantom)

Current Heading:  Hypua Priae KQ-P d5-6 to Shaulue WW-P b5-23

Distance:  4,500.19 ly

Week: 4

.....Begin Transmission

DTG:  3306-02-02 19:00

Location:  Hypua Priae KQ-P d5-6

The numbers on this meet dwindled slightly, some Cmdrs couldn't quite make the way point in time, some could make the meet, but there were still a significant amount of Explorers in attendance.  A slightly hillier terrain gave us the challenge of finding adequate parking to fit everybody in.  Some ships are really starting to show signs of wear and tear.

An SRV run then ensued, a small challenging summit on the horizon was deemed the finish point and off we went, boosting and rushing accross the landscape....me as per normal not the fastest, i actually lost one of my SRVs in a collision with a ship.....long story.  Still have one left though so will tread a little lightly from here on in.

However eventually it was time to go our separate ways again as we make haste into orbit ready for the jump.  I am looking forward to getting back out there and seeing what the galaxy has to offer but as always slightly sad and hoping to see everybody's faces at the next meet.


Transmission Resumed:

DTG:  3306-02-02 23:30

Location: Hypua Priae YE-R e4-0

I have managed to get the first 10 or so jumps under my belt before turning in for the day.  I found myself a nice Bio sight, which have actually been quite rare for me so far, with a lovely view to set her down.....time now to take a well earned rest and recharge the batteries for the week ahead.


Transmission Resumed:

DTG:  3306-02-14 16:26

Location:  Shaulue WW-P b5-23

Cmdr Turkish, Way-point 5 has been reached.  Touch down on Body 1 Successful - Visibility is limited.  Running diagnostics and auto repair program - Nothing Further to Report.  Very quiet here as was expected, I have fallen slightly behind the main body of the expedition getting a little carried away with planatary sample collections.  Minimal time will be spent at this location to ensure good progress over the coming few days, the aim is to get back up with the main pack of explorers.

Until next week, CMDR Turkish - Out - o7

End of Transmission
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