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Tzebra / 04 Feb 3306

February 4, 3306
Swoilz AW-C d125, planet 2

Though normally unhindered by most weather effects, the current blizzard continued to cause refraction with the ships communications and sensors. Broadcasting a signal of any type, could invite disaster. Thoughts turned towards taking advantage of the ship and supplies on-board. Most pirate ships were not normally stocked with emergency supplies, as pirates were typically parasitic in nature; taking what they needed by force, or failing and becoming either prisoners, or debris.

Tzebra continued to reflect on their current prisoner, and what to do with the pirate, before they departed. If life did not need to be taken, then it should not be. A principle Tzebra developed after Imperial service. The only issue with that principle was the pirate was not where he had been left.

The boys were lying in the corridor, looking towards the bridge of the ship. If the errant pirate had broken free, and moved in that direction, the boys would have made short work of him. As it was, the sound of static broken curses with a louder and more distinct pleading could be heard, towards the bridge of the ship. Then nearer Tzebra’s approach, the louder the noise became.

At the bridge entrance Tzebra slowly looked inside, careful to maintain as much stealth as possible; he had to see what was taking place. Before him lay a scene; pirate strapped to his commander’s chair, pleading for his life. The screen in front of him contained the static view of his comrades above; cursing a woman who wore no emotion.

Kneeling down next to the pirate, she grabbed a lock of his hair, yanking his head violently back. Her lips close to his ear. “I have you to blame for this experience, though because of you I have become so much more, and now I crave it. For this generosity I thank you. Now you can provide me with one last necessity; warmth of your soul.

A blood curdling scream echoed throughout the ship, as teeth ripped into the exposed flesh before it; violently shaking and tearing its’ prey. Steam rose from the openings, as hot fluid and air escaped the jagged wreck. A face appeared through the static, clear enough to those above, who understood for the first time, what real horror was. The voice was soft and pure, as a smile appeared; causing the most hardened of souls to shrink. “I look forward to a day, when I may thank you all, properly.

Tzebra vanished from the corridor, towards the furthest reaches of the ship. He had seen this before, and was ashamed. That which he had privately dreaded, and prayed would not be, had come to pass; Poppy had become a predator.
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