Logbook entry

R-sassman / 11 Feb 3306
The Begining

2/11/3306 12:39:00 AM

Captains Log.

So I'm out here on a what I hope to be is a 18 day voyage to explore the (relative) local area of space here in the bubble. Docked for supplies and repairs at Sy Station in LHS 3262 with the Prometheus, a Diamondback explorer (which I might add needs some better equipment), I figure this is a good time to update how I goy out here.

I Graduated from the federation academy on 2/1/3306. Right after graduation, I was offered a few jobs that would be great for me and my bucket of rust sidewinder that I brought out here with me. I worked the jobs offered, boring, running from system to system for a few credits.  For a few days it hardly seemed worth the bother of going to work each day. Until I had enough credits to get a better ship.

A brand new Hauler, A great ship in its own right. Able to carry larger loads, data, and the longer jump range, money started coming in faster, and faster. it only took a couple days to have enough credits for yet another ship.

On 2/6/3306 I was able to get a good deal on a Cobra MK.III. with some of the modules from the hauler, It was time to head out of the academy area and home to Farouk Silo, in the Senlu System.

After a short rest, and birthday celebration, it was time to start Planning for work. A steady job with the federation was my main goal. I want to one day return to Sol and see where it all began.  

The innovation from felicity An engineer in the Deciat system came just before I finished loading the cobra a trip. Although I was planning to spend a few more days here at home, the offer from felicity, as well as Dayanara Frederick, a good friend since long before the academy, offering to come (ok, practically begging) along, I decided to launch that evening and head out to Deciat.

We launched on 2/8/3306. after the first night in space we stopped for fuel and supplies at Chuelche Fuglesang Landing. While there and realizing that this would take far to long in this ship, We were going to have to get a much bigger ship. We managed to trade the scan data we had acquired for this diamondback and also decided to not visit felicity but wait till we had a much better ship. So we changed our plans and headed out on this 18 day quest for cash.

The first day of the trip is behind us. We managed to get some slightly better equipment on the way, even engaged in some minor combat along the way. Currently we are Preparing for the second day of the trip.
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