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Tzebra / 12 Feb 3306

February 12, 3306
Swoilz AW-C d125

Ankh guard ships began flying tight circular search-patterns, as a pirate ship had been spotted, attempting to depart the planet’s surface. Though not part of the mission, the pirate ship was clearly in distress, and those on-board may have information, which could be of aid. Towards that end, one of the Ankh guard ships broke from its’ pattern, to give chase.

On-board the damaged Dolphin class ship, Tzebra was silencing one alarm after another. Bringing up the engineering display, allowed him to isolate non-essential systems, along with adjusting the environmental systems to vent; removing some of the smoke on the bridge. Poppy was kept busy, attempting to calm the Ling Langs; which were clearly agitated.

Something is wrong with them.” Poppy said, looking at the two pacing animals. “Chances are there is still someone on board, but we can’t worry about that right now; strap in.” Tzebra replied, as his eyes were locked on something outside. Though not fluid in any known language, they were attuned to Tzebra’s pheromones, and clearly knew something else was amiss. The sudden change of thruster throttling, and snapping sharp banking angle, validated their senses, as both dropped prone on the deck; better to ride the storm prone versus on ones’ pads and claws.

The pilot aboard the Ankh Guards, Asp class ship, was lining up for a shot on the Dolphin’s engines, when it appeared to stop in mid-air, then suddenly twist out of plane and boost over the top of him. The captain of the ship instinctively ducked, at how close the pass was. “Wow.” Is all the pilot could say, as he attempted to perform a high g maneuver, to follow the pirate ship.

The world went grey, with the sudden increase in gravitational forces, as the Ankh Guards Asp class ship pulled and boosted, into a physically punishing turn. Straining to look at the ships scanner, the captain of the ship noted the pirate ship was no longer registering. “Where the frack did they go?” was all he said, as the pilot suddenly screamed.

The collision was a brutal surprise, as the hard impact jarred the Ankh Guards bridge crew. The pilot attempted to gain control of the ship, as an unseen force was pushing them towards the ground, at a rapid rate. “Pull it up!” The captain yelled, as the pilot shoved the thrusters to full, and initiated an engine boost; though the ground continued to get larger out the window.

Pushing the Asp from above was the nose of the Dolphin; reverse thrusters suddenly flaring. Poppy grunted as the sudden reversal caused the chairs shoulder straps, to dig in hard enough to be felt through her Remlock suit. Tzebra pulled back hard on the controls, flipping the Dolphin’s nose skyward, as he pushed the engines to full throttle, and boosted once more towards the stars above.

The Ankh Guard Asp ship was beginning to stabilize, when it hit the ground below. The impact was brutal, with parts and panels flying across the forest. Though not destroyed, the Asp was heavily damaged, and would not be leaving the surface anytime soon. The crew was injured, by such a sudden impact, and would require medical attention.

As the stars appeared around them, Tzebra looked back towards Poppy- who was rubbing her shoulders.
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