Logbook entry

Bruce Coldrum / 12 Feb 3306

So, a lot has happened, and I have been too busy to write it all down. I'll make a short attempt here:

After returning from my trip to the bottom, I made a whopping 17 million credits in map data. This encouraged me to invest in new ships for my fleet.

I also sold off the Casseopeia as it was wanted in several systems and I simply did not feel like holding on to it. I cannot be associated with its mixed passed at present, that was the 'old' me..!

Earlier, I required a ship that could do quick taxi missions, so after returning from my last trip I dusted off the Eagle I had sitting in my hangar, gave it a shiney new yellow paintjob and had engineers fit a business class passenger compartment and tweak the FSD. I had a few trial runs and customers were happy with my service. I dubbed it the Hermes, the Greek Messenger God.
I also invested in a dedicated bountyhunter vessel. Due to its purpose, and my earlier 'issues' with the Casseopeia, I am not going to disclose any details on it here other than that it well armed and armoured. I dubbed it Artemis, after the Goddess of the Hunt.
Lastly, I took the cargo hold out of the Daedalus to make it lighter. In it's cargo role stead, I bought a Keelback on sale at the local shipyard, and fit it with the leftover cargo hold alongside it's standard holding compartments. It has been dubbed Hercules, because of what it can haul (which is, by far, the most cargo I have been able to move with a single ship so far!).

Presently, I am in the Daedalus looking for new horizons. I've decided to head inwards, towards our galaxies center, specifically a nebula I felt was worth visiting. I have encountered plantlike life (beyond waterbased life of gas giants) for the first time, which was a whole new experience. I hope my findings will thrill scientists as much as it did me. I have a good 4000 lightyears of travel ahead of me, more than I have ever traveled in one trip, I believe, but oh, how beautiful our universe is...
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