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John Rawghi / 13 Feb 3306
Lucrative opportunities and spending spree

******* BEGIN LOG *******

February 13th 3306
Noli Gateway, Krangwe System

All right I think it's about time that I finally stop for a moment and write some logs.
Last weeks were… well.. quite incredible. In my previous entry I’ve left where I was exploring nearby (known) stars and collecting surface data to sell at local UC office. I sat on this activity for a couple of days till I reached something like 2,000 Ly away westward from the bubble.
I reentered the bubble and established between Willis Station and Vasquez De Coronado Dock respectively in Guayambaan and Muri system, selling all the UC stuff that allowed me to afford a new ship.

The reason was that I didn’t liked too much sailing stranded in nowhere and get back to civilized space once every month, and also Muri system especially was living an economic boom, so there were a lot of lucrative business to do there. I found a very profitable trade route between Willis Station and VDCD, shipping polymers mostly, and I did that for like 5 days.
Ah and yes, about the ship, of course the Pax Astra with that meagre cargo hold was not the best choice so I decided to invest in a multipurpose ship, the Asp Explorer. It’s a fantastic, fantastic ship, between the trades I took her in a tour to do some more exploration jobs and really it was a great experience!
I named her Trident Majestic, and I applied some modifications and painted it in a very cool white-blue scheme.

My new Asp Explorer

So for some days it was back and forth between the docks and my credits kept growing steadily… but of course my second name was “Boredom”. So I decided to help out the folks at Muri. In particular, many different faction were against a local feudal regime called Ardraj Noblement. These was quasi-medieval landowners that were trying to gain power in the system, careless about the local population that was treated quite-harshly by them. Feds supported also one of the Muri faction, Social Muri Free is the group name, and they were looking for some freelancers to join them against the Ardraj.

Many people at VDCD knew me very well, and I was in very good relationships with local authorities thanks to the trading routes I was running, so I ended up being involved in that but I didn’t wanted to put the Trident Majestic at risk, so I went straight to the shipyard and bought a brand new Viper Mk.III that I named “Falcon Aurora”. That ship is very agile and fast, it was a total different feelings compared to the Asp Explorer. Anyway, I teamed up with the Social Muri Free and did my first “combat” job since I started as a freelancer in a combat zone nearby Muri 4. It was.. how can I say.. quick and exciting. I think I was quite inexperienced so I battled a couple of minor vessels but the managed to escape, but at the end I backed up the system forces in destroying an Anaconda. Yeah that big ship! The other guys told me that it was used as flagship from the Ardraj, I don’t know if I was the one giving the final blow (definitely I couldn’t have done nothing alone.. we were like 4 against one) but we managed to win.
There was quite a big celebration at VDCD upon my arrival and I joined an improvised party at the station. In the end they told me that Ardraj got a major blow with that and most likely they will ask for a ceasefire.

The Viper MkIII at VDCD

It was exciting, fun, but also dangerous, I can say that most of the time I was quite scared. I took two days off (I rented a room at a local hotel, quite a nice spot) to rest and I had some time to think about what to do next.

And the next was… mining! Yes that was something I was not used to but the credits I owned allowed me to gave it a shot.. in the end if things would have ended bad I could have always get back to my space trucker role. I equipped the Trident with mining equipment after being counseled by some mining reps I met at the party I mentioned earlier. I saw that there was quite an interesting demands in low temp diamonds at VDCD so I headed straight to some icy rings in nearby planets.

Again, another great discovery.. mining, especially core mining is a very very lucrative business. Of course there was some pirates.. I would say a**holes that scanned my cargo but luckily they did not realized that I JUST arrived at the mining spot.. so cargo hold was totally empty!
Anyway, that core mining stuff was really worth the effort (and the icy cold temps that managed even to made me shiver in my cockpit) and I was keep doing it for the last couple of days till yesterday.
I realized I liked helping out Muri guys, I know the pay isn’t too much but I get to know many people and most of all doing something right.
But again, I needed a different ship.. so yesterday I went on a spending spree again, travelled till here at Noli Gateway, an Alliance starport in the Krangwe system to buy one of the starship that I always liked till his debut, the Alliance Challenger.
This ship is beautiful, it’s a very new design too and it’s a Lakon, I love that manufacturer. I wanted to have a very combat oriented ship, hoping that I can do some good to the galaxy as a way to live. I named her Striker Odyssey, not sure yet the real meaning of it but I like how it sounds. I’ve equipped her with the best I could buy so I nearly doubled her value, it’s sitting there, still need to launch.. I figured out I’m too tired today, I’ll try to rest at an hotel here at Noli and we’ll see tomorrow.

She's waiting for me tomorrow morning at the dock, I'm eager to hear her thruster roaring

One thing is sure, I have to figure out yet what is the job that I want to do for living, but all of them lead to riches in a way or another. I hope the future will clear more my mind on what to do, I can always became a ship dealer at some point since I am willing to keep all of them. Lastly, I’ll probably buy an apartment at Vasquez De Coronado Dock, I love the folks there and I already rented the necessary space to hold my small fleet.

******* END LOG *******
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