Logbook entry

R-sassman / 14 Feb 3306
The quest for credits Day 3 and 4

Well day 3 was lost with network issues, day 4 we headed out early, the trip to LTT 18046 was uneventful, LTT 18046 however looked to be filled with riches and points of intrest, our first stop was LTT 18046 1 a giant ringed planet that's land able along with a tilde lock moon. landing went well, and we gathered some materials before launching for the planets moon, this is where things went bad. Shield failure during launch and overheating led to loss of ship control where it came crashing back to the planet. The ship and all the data onboard were lost. Looks like this may be the end of this mission, at least for today. will have to decide if we are going to continue on or call this trip off until we can better outfit this o'l tub of a spacecraft. But that is a story for another day.
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