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Worldbuilder92 / 14 Feb 3306
Entry 13: Reorientation

Current System:  Matet

Still lurking around the officially-designated "training grounds", as I reacquaint myself with how spaceflight works.  After doing some basic back-and-forth from Dromi and Matet, I've collected enough creds to grab myself an Adder that I'm outfitting to be a basic cargo hauler.  Still keeping the Junebug, though, for when I wanna try dog-fighting; I don't expect I will, as I'm still very much crap at shooting and flying at the same time.

I've met up with a couple friends after my release; members of a squadron calling themselves the Ordo Corona Stellarum, a small group dedicated to upholding chivalrous ideals of honor and equality.  Kinda reminds me of how Lavigny's Legion worked, back in the day...
They're super friendly, too, and they said as soon as I've fully reoriented myself with spaceflight, they'll be happy to welcome me as a member of their cause.  I'm inclined to do so, especially since I rather enjoy their company as I get my space legs back.

I'd write more, but... honestly, right now I feel like I need a major nap...
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