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Gysburne / 14 Feb 3306
Halfway to Colonia

That was a long day of flying. Starting in Drojeae XS-V B21-1 on the 14th February 3306.
414 More Jumps until me and my Beluga reach Colonia.

Notable Systems on my way there i found where Dojeae SS-Z B46-3 found a stellar phenomen spiky and purple. Scratched a bit of my ships coloring off. I guess i was not carefull enough.
Then later in Nyeajaae DM-Z B18-4 was the next phenomen, but this time they where spiky green mixed with spiky blue. Learned my lesson, scanned some of em and flew towards my goal.

Once i reached Skaude AV-Q C20-26 i was called by the near nebula. So i plotted a new course. Once in the nebula i found signs of civilization. In form of Sacaqaewa Space Port in Skaudai CH-BD14-34.
The planet has a low gravity so i risked to land my Beluga to go grab a drink at the bar and enjoy the view. And the view in this Nebula, from this port is to die for.

I will continue my journey to colonia soon. Until then, fly save commanders o7
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CMDR Gysburne
Tour operator / Researcher
14 Feb 3306
Halfway to Colonia
13 Feb 3306
My Way to Colonia
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