Logbook entry

Onkeldata / 15 Feb 3306
Heart and soul, diamonds in the sky, down to earth, and back again


When you return with a memory bank full of fresh exploration data, eager to register your claim before somebody else does, The last thing you wat to see is that big "LOCKDOWN" sign, and closed offices. Alas, Farsight Exploration Base in the Heart nebula ran in some problems, obviously. Meh, never liked the guys anyway. Only reason they are not pirats is the fact they get your credits anyway, being the only station in 6000ly. Or are they?
They are not! Some 600ly rimwards is the Soul-nebula, and a nice little corporate-owned station, Base Camp. So, I went there and registered my claims, got some money. And took off to Sothis, 244 Jumps away.
I dragged my mining gear all these light years, because I wanted to give science something nobody else ever did: I mined in every system where there was a new, first seen by mankind ringed planet with Low Temperature Diamonds 1 asteroid. And I found in every hotspot 1 that shined like the diamonds it contained in the pulse wave. When I arrived in Sothis, I had 41 LTDs on board. Now they could compare the sh*t out of them!
Also, I put my scarab to the ground sometimes, mining and exploring. And powersliding and doing tricks.

Exploration can be boring. But it has not to be!

Sothis tried to buy my LTDs for 160000cr ! Inacceptable. So, what are a few jumps more, to find finally an offer for 918000cr. 37mil credits for dozends of jumps more. But, the science!

But my way back had even more rewards for me. The most important: An eartlike Planet, and I was the first to see, and to map it. I flew the 244k ls with a smile from the sun to the planet. Now I know where I will retire, when i finally can't stand all of the powerhungry triggerhappy creditgrabbing idiots anymore.

By the way, back close to the bubble I did a bit of triggering myself. My Fragulture and my hulltank viper (AKA Armoured Vehicle) needed some time out of the hangar. Pirat hunting it is!

The Pioneer goes back in the cupboard, enter the Master. Time to rock'n'roll!

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