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Poopipants /
Best E: D Vids

When I'm not playing E: D, I'm watching other people do it! Here are my favorite vids on youtube dealing with ship builds, strategy and gameplay etiquette. Ship builds: The Git Gud Guide to Trading in Open (Rinzler o7o7o7) The Git Gud Guide to the Gunship (Rinzler o7o7o7) The Git Gud Guide to the Orca (Rinzler o7o7o7) Exploration: 16,000 LY Outside the Galaxy (Ghost Giraffe) Story...

Lilith2980 /
Chaos at Citi Gateway: An Overview [Lilith - Part 9]

The nurse approached Lilith and much to her surprise, asked a Doctor if everything was alright. It took a brief second for her to realise she was the Doctor he was referring to. Thinking quickly, she decided to see if the nurse could show her to Glaboskis office, saying that it was her first day here and he was supposed to be her attending surgeon while she got her bearings. While the man was willing...

James Barrett /
Working together (27/04/3303, Opala)

ANDERSON FORUM, OPALA ACTIVATING VOICE RECORDING OPTION... DONE (tapping the mic) Mic on, recording. Where do I start... you know the days when in the evening you lie down on your bunk with thousands of thoughts circling in your head? So today was such day. I received good news from my contact with Terran Colonial Forces (TCF). They managed to pinpoint the location Ramirez chose for his...

Da5id Weatherwax /
Murphy is laughing at me.

I hadn't planned to stay here this long. On the way into dock the Noodle had developed this nasty little corkscrew that had me dancing on the thrusters to stay aligned with the pad on approach. Nasty, squirrely and intermittent, just at about the right - or wrong - frequency that if I'd had any dirtsider passengers they'd probably have been blowing chunks. Uneven fuel flow. Had to be. "No problem!"...

27 Apr 3303
TameMoon /
Log: 6 The dream

Date: 27 April 3303 Today I woke up in a cold sweat. I and it wasn't because I was on an ice planet. I normally ain't scared of nightmares and i don't know if I'll call this a nightmare but I was freaked out. In my dream it was a normal day looking into disappearances, doing jobs although I questioned my morality the last time so I decided to leave them and looking into my family. But the freaky...

27 Apr 3303
Jermus Karlsen /
Hyponia mission 2.0 (update 4)

I have started the circumnavigation of the Hyponia Permit Locked Zone on the Galactic Plane. I am now almost halve-way; I am pleased with the progress I made. I encountered right after the start today a system of which my Universal Cartographic module reported that it had been First Discovered by one of the original mission members. This seems to indicate that the original mission has been aborted...

27 Apr 3303
Jermus Karlsen /
Hyponia mission 2.0 (update 3)

Having heard no response until now from the original Hyponia Horizon Mission members I herewith enroll myself on the Hyponia Horizon Mission. My main role in this mission will be to map the systems in the border region. Since my exploration trip started in Colonia, investigation of the Hyponia sector will start on the east of that sector. SystemCharacteristic HYPONIA ZD-L B24-51Easternmost...

27 Apr 3303
Mathew of Tegalus /
April 27th 3303 - Unorganised Mess

Today has been nothing short of a fucking mess. We said last night we were going down to Cubeo, which we did. It was nice to catch up with the folks at Prismatic Imperium, and give Katie another insight into what happened in the days surrounding my break for freedom. Anyway we waited around for the community goals, only for every supplier and third party assistant to black out their systems for...

27 Apr 3303
Missmartian /
Awakening - Vesuvit

Sometimes you have to forget yourself to really know you are; see yourself through others’ eyes and find out what they really think of you. ********************************* So here I was in Vesuvit looking for clues about my missing past. You think that maybe I could speak to those about my past would help me remember but it was heart breaking for them, Jammy who was my best friend spent weeks...

27 Apr 3303
Kyla Emmerich /
Pegasi Shanghai - Chapter 5: A Game of Chance

Previous Chapter Normally I like to go for a long walk, especially after a stressful turn of events. A stroll down a quiet street, in a park, or maybe along a coastline always puts me in a good mood. But walking fourteen kilometers, drenched in sweat and running out of oxygen inside the most uncomfortable Remlok suit ever created makes me, shall we say, a tad moody. Nearly three hours...