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26 Apr 3303
Jellicoe /
Shadows in the Rift Part VI

We made five very rapid jumps before Mira, satisfied we had shaken off any pursuit, dropped us back into normal space in the ice rings of a planet in distant orbit of a planet incomprehensibly distant from home. We then spent a full six hours with either myself or Mira at the helm on full alert to run or fight at a moments notice before I relaxed enough to gather everyone in the briefing room. I looked...

26 Apr 3303
Kyndi the Badass Space Chick /

I jerk awake, my heart pounding. I'm nude, and my skin is touching someone else's. I look to my side. There's an equally nude strange man, handsome and snoring softly. Next to him on the sheets is a half-smoked onionhead joint. Next to it is a half-drank bottle of Sothis Select. In a rush, the previous night's debauchery catches up to me. Oh yeah. I look around, my eyes still blurry....

26 Apr 3303
Doc Lentz /
Driving Miss Daisy

Personal Log Unknown Icy Planet 26 April 3303 After providing my services to the Empire taking passengers to and from local tourist locations and spending over 40mil for an Orca to do so AND gaining the fucking trust of local Empire factions the power itself has yet to trust me enough. So, in a last ditch effort to prove myself I outfitted the Orca just enough to get her exploration ready with...

25 Apr 3303
TameMoon /
Log: 4 The battle

Date: 25 April 3303 So I'm alive. Just barely. After I hid in the astroid belt to escape the 5 anacondas well they found me and said to me to give up and surrender. Do they know me if so they should know I will not give up I have literally nothing to lose. So I said bring it. I found a tracking device on my ship and for some reason that stopped Cel from working so I stuck it to an astroid and went...

25 Apr 3303
Anfield Marauder /
Landed on Beagle Point2

Had a few practice landings - finally put gear down on a planet in system. It was all about getting the right shot. The amount of paint deterioration was quite surprising - it actually makes my AspEx look quite battle scarred...after the journey I'm not surprised but I'm not gong to worry about it for now...a repaint when I get back might be in order - maybe! Got some nice shots of the ship on the...

25 Apr 3303
Dave Topper T /
The Engineers: The Dweller

People don't have a clue who The Dweller is. Seems to me he's very little mystery and more like an Andrew. None the less we get along with the usual formalities. "What the hell did you do to my ship?" he says. "Your's"? "When it's in my docks it's mine". "Ok Andrew have it your way". For sure David I will". Onward upward and so it goes..... Andrew: Hey...

25 Apr 3303
CmdRalpha /
Logbook, 3303-04-25

Finally got my Federation License today. After coming back from a short trip over 1000 Ly testing my new Asp Explorer and earning some credits I found the license under the door mat in front of my current space port hangar at Oliver Dock. I came to Ayoro a couple of months ago and met some nice friends and reliable colleagues at the Drunken Elk, my favorite pub these days. The dock is a nice...

25 Apr 3303
WolfLordDrakarn /
To the Heart: Preperations

After weeks of denying and refusing, the growing choir of curiosity within my head had finally taken hold and I at last, made my preparations for the heart of our galaxy - Sagittarius A*. The topic was brought many times before by my friend and fellow CMDR, SBK, whom had attempted persuading me several times before to make the voyage to Colonia, but many times had I disregarded the idea, not willing...

25 Apr 3303
James Barrett /
Things you do to get what you need (25/04/3303, Beagle 2 Landing)

BEAGLE 2 LANDING, ASELLUS PRIMUS ACTIVATING VOICE RECORDING OPTION... DONE (tapping the mic) Alright, log number one for today. Will be more. So I went to the offices again to check on Ramirez, same answer as always. Only different, as when I was about to leave, two uniformed guards approached me and told me to go with them to Duty Security Officer, who started asking questions why I am so...

25 Apr 3303
Tek_604 /

Short operations today. I want to boost JICASSES LAW PARTY in both JICASSES and SYNUEFE YH-H D11-66, to raise influence above 50%, if at all possible, heading off any potential problems with wars. Starting off at Schwabe Terminal  | MOTILEKUI, I set course for Bernoulli Camp  | SYNUEFE YH-H D11-66. Picking up some data deliveries for JICASSES, I dump 286k in exploration data, and 80k in Federation...