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28 Jul 3301
L'Kas Rykr /
Space is deadly. But it's also beautiful. And it calls to me.

July 28 3301 1414 Zulu VY Canis Majoris. The big dog. The ingress is more than twice the distance than the ingress into Betelgeuse, but the star looks just as big. And it was just as awe-inspiring. Rather than any planets, the big dog has a brown dwarf orbiting it. After I thoroughly scanned the system, I plunked my Diamondback Scout less than 1ls from the dwarf, putting it between me and the main...

28 Jul 3301
Fizzix /
Day 12 - Deep Dark

As I approach the California Nebula I find myself drawn to nice shiny stars, carbon,  Neutron, black holes, and others. Most of the nice ones have been previously discovered.  Still loads of water world, terraformable worlds etc that are undiscovered, so still worth while. I want to reach at least the California nebula today, so that I can get home tomorrow. I will be able to do the last 1000 Ly...

28 Jul 3301
Grifs Astoni /
ENTRY #26 (28 JUL 3301)

AMF TO EXPAND OPERATION PROTOCOLS (28 JUL 3301) It is often argued within the AMF whether it should begin expanding its field of operation towards long expeditions or remain in trading commodities. With the company's assets reaching nearly 1,000,000,000 CR in the span of a few days, officials are starting to lean on restoring its own share of research vessels to active duty by joining the Ghost...

28 Jul 3301
Boozeman /
The Lake of Regret

Finally! Enough money to buy Python and start the grinding it to A-grade. The story of the name The name, The Lake of Regret comes the iron age history of my home town. When the Swedish Crusadrer Army leaves, the people of Hame washed their baptism forced taken by catholic priests away on the Lake Katumajärvi. In modern times I have once leaded a girl thru the forest paths of Mantereenlinna...

27 Jul 3301
Reykur /
CMDR Log #3: 26-JUL-3301 02:18:19

Fusang and its light security forces have been... good to me. Not directly of course. They refuse to officially acknowledge the assistance I've given them, but my presence in the Cleve Vision's various bars have been met with covert nods and anonymous drinks served 'on the house'. I'm inwardly amused at the dichotomy of the system. Independent forces desperately fighting independent forces, with...

27 Jul 3301
Latimer /
2nd rescue! With the assist from Fred!

Padded into the cockpit this morning, no tea, turned on the RatChatter, stared blearily at the screens. Sudden Ratsignal on chat, client was  8 jumps away from me. Fred Heisnberch, another Rat, was 5.  Immediately I launched, headed toward the client's system.  Fred offered to wait for me (which was a very stand up kind thing to do), but I told him not to, that the client comes first (insert heroic...

27 Jul 3301
L'Kas Rykr /
To boldly go...where people have gone before

July 27 1813 Zulu Since I'm just starting out as an explorer, I figured I'd go to places that people have been to before. Besides, only going 1000ly or so out from controlled space, it's still a bit crowded. Though I did find that exploration can be quite lucrative if you're willing to put in the hours. More-so than grinding back and forth between stations anyway. My first trip was a test. I...

27 Jul 3301
WaKKO SicK /
What is my Political Party?

We have all been recently asked to make a choice on who we would like to follow. While I understand that some people will choose to ally with whoever they think is the best, most of us will choose who agrees with our ideologies. But most of us have no idea what our political party even is. We think of the choice between the 3 major powers but there are 3 categories of which, Allegiance is only one....

27 Jul 3301
UDG Duke /

Langsam komme ich zu mir. Die Augen noch fest geschlossen. Ich vernehme ein Piepen aus der Ferne welches näher zu kommen scheint. Meinen Körper kann ich nicht wirklich bewegen. Dieses verfluchte Piepen. Ich schaffe es die Augen zu öffnen. Ich befinde mich in einer Stase-Kapsel. Mit jedem Moment, der vergeht, kehrt mehr und mehr Leben in meinen Körper zurück. Der Piep-Ton ist jetzt bei mir. Ich...

27 Jul 3301
Char Azmodai /

Commander's Log - 27 JUL 3301 Char Azmodai, Commander, Asmodeus Due to a malfunction in the navicomputer, we've had to change course after stopping off in a system in the M6 Sector for rest and minor repairs. We are now heading to Aucoks TX-V b49-0, another 999Ly away. I haven't seen any new signal sources. Starting to wonder if I ever will again. Hell, I'll even jump into a strong one at this...