Minor factions

Faction nameAllegianceGovernment
Dzacara Liberty PartyEmpireDictatorship
Dzacara OrganisationIndependentCorporate
Dzalak Mani Public PrtnrsEmpireCorporate
Dzalak Mani Silver OrganisationIndependentAnarchy
DzaliTemu Bridge PLCIndependentCorporate
DzaliTemu Comms PLCIndependentCorporate
DzaliTemu Silver SocietyIndependentAnarchy
Dziewong Bo Crimson Vision DevIndependentCorporate
Dziewong Bo NationalistsIndependentDictatorship
Dziewong Bo NetworkIndependentCorporate
Dziewong Bo PartnershipIndependentAnarchy
Dziva DominionIndependentFeudal
Dziva raidersIndependentAnarchy
Dzivaruba DynastyIndependentFeudal
Dzivaruba OneIndependentCooperative
Dzivaruba Purple BoysIndependentAnarchy
Dzivaruba ServicesIndependentCorporate
Dzivatae Jet Bridge ServicesEmpireCorporate
Dzoavit for EqualityIndependentDemocracy
Dzoavit Gold PosseIndependentAnarchy
e Geminorum ProtectorateIndependentPatronage
Eagle Corporation Industries [player]EmpirePatronage
Eagle Sector GuardsIndependentPrison Colony
Eagle Sector InmatesIndependentAnarchy
Earls of 28 Omega PisciumIndependentFeudal
Earls of 70 TauriIndependentFeudal
Earls of AcokwusIndependentFeudal
Earls of AdanEmpireFeudal
Earls of AegilipsIndependentFeudal
Earls of AgarahmaIndependentFeudal
Earls of AguanIndependentFeudal
Earls of AkuIndependentFeudal
Earls of AltaisIndependentFeudal
Earls of AmbishasIndependentFeudal
Earls of AnanaIndependentFeudal
Earls of AnatesIndependentFeudal
Earls of AngalukEmpireFeudal
Earls of Anna PerennaIndependentFeudal
Earls of AravaciIndependentFeudal
Earls of ArawasIndependentFeudal
Earls of AwaIndependentFeudal
Earls of BalakkuruIndependentFeudal
Earls of BaratiIndependentFeudal
Earls of BeanIndependentFeudal
Earls of BelachinaIndependentFeudal
Earls of Beta CatonisAllianceFeudal
Earls of BipediIndependentFeudal
Earls of BishanIndependentFeudal
Earls of BratisasIndependentFeudal
Earls of CarisIndependentFeudal
Earls of CD-27 10200IndependentFeudal
Earls of CD-59 1724EmpireFeudal
Earls of Cenu KuEmpireFeudal
Earls of CeutEmpireFeudal
Earls of ChakhoEmpireFeudal
Earls of ChentrimaIndependentFeudal
Earls of ChuevikIndependentFeudal
Earls of CoanoEmpireFeudal
Earls of DahanIndependentFeudal
Earls of Dea MotronaIndependentFeudal
Earls of DedwenderIndependentFeudal
Earls of DharelbiciIndependentFeudal
Earls of DhritesIndependentFeudal
Earls of DiegakulIndependentFeudal
Earls of DooloniiIndependentFeudal
Earls of DumniIndependentFeudal
Earls of DzivataeIndependentFeudal
Earls of EjagalkiIndependentFeudal
Earls of EkondalieIndependentFeudal
Earls of EnetetIndependentFeudal
Earls of EthereIndependentFeudal
Earls of EvnisIndependentFeudal
Earls of FlechtiIndependentFeudal
Earls of G 165-13AllianceFeudal
Earls of G 89-32IndependentFeudal
Earls of GaarnaeIndependentFeudal
Earls of GaniklisIndependentFeudal
Earls of GatondosIndependentFeudal
Earls of Gliese 452.3IndependentFeudal
Earls of Gliese 9119IndependentFeudal
Earls of GulliciIndependentFeudal
Earls of HaisienetIndependentFeudal
Earls of HajangerniIndependentFeudal
Earls of HaniIndependentFeudal
Earls of HaradhyasIndependentFeudal
Earls of HedeteIndependentFeudal
Earls of Hehen BuluIndependentFeudal
Earls of HehenesIndependentFeudal
Earls of HesatsuEmpireFeudal
Earls of HIP 105577IndependentFeudal
Earls of HIP 107806EmpireFeudal
Earls of HIP 118247IndependentFeudal
Earls of HIP 12966IndependentFeudal
Earls of HIP 1487IndependentFeudal
Earls of HIP 15669IndependentFeudal
Earls of HIP 19510IndependentFeudal
Earls of HIP 26018IndependentFeudal
Earls of HIP 34540IndependentFeudal
Earls of HIP 37735IndependentFeudal
Earls of HIP 40174IndependentFeudal
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