Black markets near Sol

Alliance star system near Sol

Flousop [17.36Ly]
LHS 3356 [25.31Ly]
FN Virginis [26.54Ly]
Wolf 437 [27.28Ly]
CE Bootis [34.11Ly]
G 14-6 [34.45Ly]
Shoujeman [34.55Ly]
Zavijah [35.62Ly]
Nzambassee [38.64Ly]
LTT 4730 [39.27Ly]
Mullag [40.00Ly]
G 139-21 [42.12Ly]
Eranin [43.10Ly]
Huokang [45.23Ly]
Ao Guang [45.37Ly]

Imperial star system near Sol

LHS 475 [51.75Ly]
Alectrona [54.50Ly]
Pachanwen [56.34Ly]
Decima [58.34Ly]
LHS 3802 [62.45Ly]
LHS 4032 [62.73Ly]
Gebel [63.26Ly]
LP 771-72 [63.88Ly]
LP 943-72 [65.79Ly]
LTT 8456 [66.80Ly]
LHS 3439 [67.13Ly]
YZ Fornacis [67.67Ly]
Trukampasuk [67.91Ly]
LP 711-43 [67.97Ly]
Artemis [69.39Ly]

Federal star system near Sol

Sol [here]
Barnard's Star [5.95Ly]
Luhman 16 [6.57Ly]
Ross 154 [9.69Ly]
Duamta [9.88Ly]
WISE 1506+7027 [10.52Ly]
Ross 128 [10.94Ly]
EZ Aquarii [11.10Ly]
61 Cygni [11.37Ly]
Groombridge 34 [11.73Ly]
YZ Ceti [12.07Ly]
Luyten's Star [12.39Ly]
Lacaille 8760 [12.88Ly]
Kruger 60 [13.08Ly]
LHS 380 [13.85Ly]

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