Sidewinder Mk I

Most pilots start their careers in the Sidewinder. It is a classic ship design that has been in use (in various configurations) since 2982. Its original design was as a light support ship and it lacked jump capability. Modern compact drives have enabled jump-capable versions to be created, making this a useful all-rounder. Some navies still use these ships as fighters and patrol craft.

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Faulcon deLacy
220 m/s
Boost speed:
320 m/s
32,000 Cr
Base shield:
40 MJ
Base armour:
Hull mass:
25 t
Mass-lock factor:
Landing pad:


Pulse Laser [1G gimballed] 
Small hardpoint
Pulse Laser [1G gimballed] 
Small hardpoint
Utility mount
Utility mount


Power Plant [2E] 
Class 2 Reactor bay
Thrusters [2E] 
Class 2 Thruster mounting
Frame Shift Drive [2E] 
Class 2 FSD housing
Life Support [1E] 
Class 1 Environment control
Power Distributor [1E] 
Class 1 Power coupling
Sensors [1E] 
Class 1 Sensor suite
Fuel Tank [1C] 
Class 1 Fuel store

Shield Generator [2E] 
Class 2 Internal compartment
Cargo Rack [2E / capacity: 4] 
Class 2 Internal compartment
Basic Discovery Scanner 
Class 1 Internal compartment
Class 1 Internal compartment

Related Galnet news

08 Mar 3304
Coalition of Othime Campaign

The Coalition of Othime has announced plans to develop refinery facilities in its home system through the construction of a new asteroid base.

A spokesperson for the Coalition said:

“Othime relies heavily on its refineries, but those refineries are limited to small and medium cargo vessels, which limits the amount of revenue we can generate. A new asteroid base would allow us to support large ships, such as the Anaconda and Imperial Cutter, and allow us to compete with other refineries in the sector.”

The organisation has placed an open order for various commodities, and has placed a kill order on all ships on its wanted list to ensure that those contributing material to the campaign can do so safely. Pilots who contribute to the initiative will be generously rewarded.

The campaign begins on 8th of March 3304 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.

10 Nov 3303
Galactic News: Taipan AX1 Announced

A spokesperson for Faulcon DeLacy has announced that the manufacturer has teamed up with Aegis to produce a new version of its popular fighter, the Taipan. The spokesperson confirmed that the development was a direct response to the rising Thargoid threat.

Barr Winters, a Faulcon DeLacy engineer who worked on the new Taipan, elaborated on the ship’s specifications:

“The new Taipan has been equipped with two AX multi-cannons, replacing the default utility mount and small hardpoints. These cannons are slightly punchier than standard, which we hope will make the ship particularly effective against Thargoid vessels.”

The new Taipan, which will be known as the AX1, is not to be confused with the existing Aegis Taipan variant. The ship will be available from the 13th of November 3303.

16 Apr 3303
Galactic News: Curious Message Discovered

A group of EM-transmission technology enthusiasts in the Tionisla system claims to have found a message in the exploration data gathered last year as part of a campaign organised by the Children of Raxxla.

A spokesperson for the group, which calls itself The Hamsters, said:

“It was inside one of the beacon modulator wave harmonics, and it seems to be some sort of rhyme. We’ve studied it but have come up with nothing, so we thought we’d share it with the galactic community.”

The message is reprinted in full below.

The river to the underworld

Gaia’s daughter all unfurled

Fourth minor bear in vain

By viper’s sting was slain

Also known as Nemesis

The doom of Chimera

She is tasked with soothing pain

Suckling Odysseus from afar

Mother of the mother of

Leader of the Titans

He transformed into a hawk

A daughter of Daedalion’s

The piercer was how he was known

Mother of Ulysses

Ruler of the winds

God of night, primordial flees

Zeus’ namesake now lies in Sol

Achilles’ favoured horse

Women of vengeance infernal

The vain queen rides not forth

A final word, a course to follow, a poor miser’s sum

If you would understand it all, seek Fibonacci’s Zephyrum