Eagle Mk II

The Eagle is a proven combat fighter with a distinguished history. It is one of the smallest fighters available with jump capability. It has the distinction of being the only ship that has been so successful, versions have been built for both the Federation and Imperial navies. This role has been superseded by the respective navies’ short-range fighter programmes, but the Eagle still sees extensive service across human space. Core Dynamics are no longer building these ships, but do still provide parts and servicing due to their popularity.

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Core Dynamics
240 m/s
Boost speed:
350 m/s
44,800 Cr
Base shield:
60 MJ
Base armour:
Hull mass:
50 t
Mass-lock factor:
Landing pad:

Small Hardpoint
Small Hardpoint
Small Hardpoint

Utility mount
Utility Mount

Optional internal
3C Shield Generator
Internal compartment
1E Cargo Rack
Internal compartment
1E Basic Discovery Scanner
Internal compartment
Internal compartment
Military Compartment

Core internal
2C Power Plant
Reactor Bay
3C Thrusters
Thruster Mounting
3C Frame Shift Drive
FSD Housing
1C Life Support
Environment Control
2C Power Distributor
Power Coupling
2C Sensors
Sensor Suite
2C Fuel Tank
Fuel Store

1I Lightweight Alloy

Related Galnet news

15 Aug 3304
Rogue Robot Located

A mining robot that went out of control on Homeland in the Beta Hydri system has been located and disabled.

The MacArthur Mining Ltd DG090 machine disappeared after self-activating and tunnelling underground. It remained lost for several days before being discovered over a hundred kilometres from where it malfunctioned.

Security Chief Sara Kulkarni gave this report:

“Our sensor drones detected the robot as it surfaced in the Blue Peaks mountain range. We believe it was obeying its primary programming by homing in on mineral ores. Federal Navy gunships were immediately dispatched. Once located, the robot was partially destroyed from the air before it could cause any further damage.”

Director Chen Emerson of MacArthur Mining Ltd commented:

“An inspection of the robot’s remains confirmed our suspicion that it had been placed in the incorrect standby mode. Its comms array was then disrupted by local signals, activating a pre-set mining program. The DG090 series is very reliable, and this unfortunate incident should not be perceived as a blemish on its excellent reputation.”

28 Jul 3304
Week in Review

Here are this week’s major stories.

The League of Reparation has been dismantled, according to the tri-superpower taskforce investigating the organisation. The announcement followed a successful operation to remove League forces from two systems – one in Federal and one in Imperial space. Riri McAllister, the League’s central coordinator, has been charged with multiple terrorism-related crimes.

The Church of Eternal Void, a fringe group that venerates the Guardians, has been declared illegal in every system where it operates. Cardinal Hieronymous and other senior members of the Church have been arrested for inciting acts of violence against the so-called ‘Far God’ sect, which worships the Thargoids.

Meanwhile, members of the Rochester family have come under attack following the engagement of Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester to Princess Aisling Duval. Jordan Rochester’s niece Kali Rochester was the victim of a physical assault, while her father Jupiter Rochester, a Core Dynamics executive, has come under fire from both shareholders and management.

In other news, the classic children’s show Andromedaries, about spacefaring camel-like lifeforms, is being remade for modern audiences. The production company behind the reboot has promised a “dark, blood-soaked journey of psychological discovery”, prompting dismay from the creator and writer of the original programme, Vienna Langhorne.

Finally, the Alliance has announced plans to build a new Ocellus starport to further bridge the gap between the core systems and the Alliance’s outposts in the California Nebula. The organisation overseeing the initiative has placed an open order for mined resources to be used in the construction.

And those are the main stories this week.

26 Jul 3304
Rochester Family Attacked

Members of the Rochester family have come under personal and political attack following the engagement of Federal Ambassador Jordan Rochester to Princess Aisling Duval.

Several media outlets shared news of an incident involving Jordan Rochester’s teenage niece:

“A physical assault against Kali Rochester was reported on campus at Olympus Village University yesterday. Students surrounded Ms Rochester and accosted her while chanting anti-Imperial slogans. The assault was repelled by her private security detail.”

Meanwhile, Kali’s father Jupiter Rochester was featured in a financial report from The Federal Times:

“Core Dynamics stock dropped by 18 per cent this month, undoubtedly due to the CEO’s family being linked with an Imperial princess. Jupiter Rochester has come under fire from both shareholders and management, who are concerned that one of the Federation’s bedrocks might be losing his integrity.”

Questions have also been asked in Congress of Isolde Rochester, Jordan Rochester’s mother. Many congressmen have demanded assurances that the Federation will not relinquish influence or territory to the Empire in the wake of the marriage.

Isolde Rochester released the following statement:

“Conservative elements always react negatively to change, even when that change is in society’s best interest. My son’s relationship with Her Imperial Highness represents not just a union between the Rochesters and the House of Duval, but the start of a new era of cooperation that will strengthen us all.”