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Abraham Lincoln

Wealthy, Very large population Service and Refinery economy (Federation Democracy)

Station distance: 496 Ls | Landing pad: Large | Services: Commodity Market, Shipyard, Outfitting, Repair, Refuel, Restock | Minor Faction: Mother Gaia
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Alliance star system near Sol

Shoujeman [34.55Ly]
Eranin [43.10Ly]
Huokang [45.23Ly]
LP 322-836 [51.75Ly]
Usiren [52.06Ly]
LHS 2764a [54.33Ly]
LFT 1073 [55.19Ly]
Dagr [56.24Ly]
10 Canum Venaticorum [56.66Ly]
70 Virginis [58.64Ly]
Lalande 27055 [59.25Ly]
G 121-8 [60.40Ly]
LP 375-25 [61.51Ly]
BF Canis Venatici [62.81Ly]
Chaac [63.93Ly]

Imperial star system near Sol

LHS 475 [51.75Ly]
LHS 2310 [51.76Ly]
Alectrona [54.50Ly]
LHS 3802 [62.45Ly]
Gebel [63.26Ly]
LP 771-72 [63.88Ly]
LP 943-72 [65.79Ly]
LHS 3439 [67.13Ly]
YZ Fornacis [67.67Ly]
Artemis [69.39Ly]
BD-17 6172 [69.42Ly]
Ambibates [70.13Ly]
LTT 700 [70.59Ly]
Semali [70.81Ly]
Nerthus [70.91Ly]

Federal star system near Sol

Sol [here]
Alpha Centauri [4.38Ly]
Barnard's Star [5.95Ly]
Luhman 16 [6.57Ly]
Sirius [8.59Ly]
Ross 154 [9.69Ly]
Duamta [9.88Ly]
WISE 1506+7027 [10.52Ly]
Epsilon Eridani [10.52Ly]
Ross 128 [10.94Ly]
EZ Aquarii [11.10Ly]
61 Cygni [11.37Ly]
Procyon [11.41Ly]
Groombridge 34 [11.73Ly]
Epsilon Indi [11.80Ly]