Law&crime report

Crimes confirmed
Criminals punished
Commanders involved
There was 4087+ of major crimes (murder attempts) reported with 526+ identified criminals involved during the report period. The law&crime report numbers are reflecting just the confirmed crimes/punishments.

Law enforcers of the week

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Actual security report

Star systemRatioThreat
Deciat23.4%Medium threat
Shinrarta Dezhra17.1%Medium threat
San Tu15.7%Medium threat
Menguru4.9%Low threat
Cubeo4.2%Low threat
CW Ursae Majoris3.7%Low threat
Wolf 3973.3%Low threat
Hyades Sector DR-V c2-232.8%Low threat
Laksak2.6%Low threat
Saffron2.3%Low threat
Nanomam1.9%Low threat
Epsilon Serpentis1.2%Very low threat
Zibal1.2%Very low threat
LHS 200.9%Very low threat
Wyrd0.9%Very low threat
Aeternitas0.9%Very low threat
Wolf 4060.9%Very low threat
LFT 9260.7%Very low threat
CD-48 60900.7%Very low threat
Shoroteni0.7%Very low threat

Recent murder attempts

MurdersStar systemDate
5Laksak19 minutes ago
2Shinrarta Dezhra54 minutes ago
1Deciat1 hour ago

Law enforcers in duty

Pelkietron061117011917 Feb 2020
Gioni005504309 Feb 2020
Deadly Vindicator003302530 Jan 2020
waxette [SPEAR]012302322 Feb 2020
Alex Blackburne [SPEAR]012302102 Feb 2020
Kerrygan030301806 Feb 2020
Homir Munn [GPL]002201720 Feb 2020
Herbrand [SPEAR]002201624 Feb 2020
FIreFox13 [51TH]002201606 Feb 2020
LeKeno [SPEAR]011201315 Feb 2020
Barnardo7011201303 Feb 2020
CMDR DatJames00110917 Feb 2020
TG HellJumper00110909 Feb 2020
V 0 1 D00110902 Feb 2020
Sandrosimao00110919 Feb 2020
Talsar Geldon00110919 Feb 2020
Dharrch Streynjer00110929 Jan 2020
-Warhawk-03584924 Feb 2020
Phoneix00110909 Feb 2020
Digitarry00110915 Feb 2020
Tyrvol00110924 Feb 2020
Galahad of Odenburgh00110904 Feb 2020
Yevgeny Molotov00110928 Jan 2020
Cr4izyr3300110815 Feb 2020
Gee7600110808 Feb 2020
Riddled00110803 Feb 2020
Conparator00110801 Feb 2020
Chad VanGaalen00110823 Feb 2020
Skyfenger00110807 Feb 2020
MeTzGoRe-iND[SPEAR]00110815 Feb 2020
Ayds00110702 Feb 2020
Axle Reese00110724 Feb 2020
Nigel-Kurtis_Blonde00110714 Feb 2020
ShadowBlaze00110722 Feb 2020
Viscera01010605 Feb 2020
Panzerknacker88 [SPEAR]01010622 Feb 2020
SyS310201010519 Feb 2020
Alaind01010501 Feb 2020
Danplague01010515 Feb 2020
Tremi01010528 Jan 2020
Jungleshade01010501 Feb 2020
Tilapia01010409 Feb 2020
Tonye01010412 Feb 2020
Sir 8ary01010415 Feb 2020
Piratemoon01010427 Jan 2020
Urbansparx10010308 Feb 2020
WorldTester510010304 Feb 2020
Cpt.zero10010331 Jan 2020
Braddux2700221320 Feb 2020
Copperman10010317 Feb 2020
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Traffic report

Star system%
Shinrarta Dezhra13.85
Wolf 3972.88
LFT 9262.22
The most frequent star systems in the last 24 hours. Based on Inara commanders only.
The data for security reports and law&crime reports are based on Inara commanders only. The law&crime report is using just data from the Frontier import data feature (to ensure all the data are correct) and all the kills/crimes are counted just from the recent events with real commanders involved (no NPCs are counted in). The security report is using the data from all sources.

To get a confirmed kill of a criminal, be sure your target is having a bounty on his head. Otherwise, your kill may be counted as a murder attempt of an innocent with a respective penalty.

The reports contain data of the last 7 days, except actual security report (2 days) and law enforcers table (30 days).