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Articles of Association Of Communism Interstellar

Defined Terms

  • Communism Interstellar (CI): The player faction associated with the Communist Interstellar Union and Workers of Manite Labour Union
  • Comrade: Any pilot who can demonstrate that they have achieved Allied Status with any Communist Faction and wishes to be associated with Communism Interstellar.
  • Greater Manite Volume (GMV): A sphere of space within 61 LY radius of Manite
  • Speaker: Voluntary representative of the membership of CI at the Border Coalition Council ¬†(BCC)

1. All comrades of CI are equal.

2. All Communist factions are equal

3. Any changes to the Articles of Association must be made by a unanimous vote of available members and will not be added to the Articles of Association for a period of 28 days, to allow fair opportunity for dissent.

4. All comrades are free to choose their own course of action however any actions undertaken outside those defined within these articles cannot be undertaken in the name of CI.

5. CI is a signatory of the Border Coalition Treaty, a founder and permanent member of the Border Coation and agrees to abide by its treaties.

6. BCC Speakers are currently CMDRs Sitoutumaton, Rogallo and Jane Turner. Their role is as a rapid communication conduit between CI and BCC. No substantive decisions may be taken by the BCC speakers without reference to and agreement from the CI Membership.  Speakers should be easily contactable and may be changed if a new comrade wishes to take on the role.

7. CI reserves the right to remove any non-communist governments within the GMV unless exempted by a formal Alliance Agreement or a bilaterally signed peace treaty.

8. Should our factions expand beyond the limits of GMV, we will not further revolutions in systems with an active player minor faction already resident, nor will we adversely affect the fortification triggers of surrounding powers.

9. CI will always seek peaceful resolution to territorial disputes.

10. CI affirms its commitment to the terms of treaties with Denton Patreus and Edmund Mahon. Specifically, we will not negatively affect specific fortification triggers inside the GMV, as defined in the respective treaties

11. CI have adopted and will maintain a non-aggressive stance towards Alien Life forms.[/li]
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