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The founding members of IPA became aquatinted through their bi weekly drinking sessions at the the Half Pint Pub located just three buildings north of the black market deep within Savitskaya Vision. What started it all for these men was Pirates taking their outfitter contact, Marshall, hostage. Marshall was a strong man and a good friend, he kept the station stocked with top of the line equipment, and kept us flying. The local security services in the area refused do anything to bring him back, so we they took matters into their own hands. That's when the Independent Pilots Armada was born. We took our small fleet far through the system to the plant Nervi 4. The team navigated the harsh icy ring around the plant chasing the culprits until finally landing on a cold distant moon. Once there the team secured Marshall, along with a sizeable reward, and knew IPA had found a purpose.
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