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Jan 26 3302

Local News: What started out as a few amazing pilots from around the galaxy, doing odd jobs and the occasional Bounty Hunting missions, has become a force to be reckoned with in LTT 7126.

Introduction: Cmdr Fearion (Fear) is the Overlord of one of the most dangerous combat forces ever conceived in the Milky Way Galaxy. We caught up with him to find out how this group got together and what the future holds for the Vortex Continuum and the Vortex Squadron.

Overlord Fear: Several of the Pilots in the Vortex Squadron (V-Squad) have fought in many wars together over the course of time, in many systems. We’ve fought on land, in the air, on the water, and in space. This group has seen the same mud and the same blood for some time, but let me tell you about the Vortex Squadron’s humble beginnings.

Myself and others had flown thousands of sorties in the Vega system under the command of Overlord Stryder. After countless victories and blood under our belts, we felt the Federation should do their own dirty laundry. We went our own directions for a while to let the space dust settle and do some soul searching.

I met up with an old comrade pilot named Cmdr LXC (Lex), who wanted to start some Bounty Hunting services deep in Federation space. It’s easy to get work in the Federation with all the corruption and murders going on. Cmdr Sharkbeware (Shark) and I flew out to Eravate to see what Lex had in mind for this new venture. Cmdr LXC was a visionary and a great leader. The three of us flew tons of missions together near Eravate system and we were making a tidy sum of credits.

Shortly after we were joined by some of our old pilot comrades. Cmdr Sergeant (Sarge), Cmdr Toxic, Cmdr KingerNorth (Kinger), Cmdr Price is Wrong (Price), Cmdr Xtreme, and Cmdr Nash.

Our original group, was called “The Nine”. We were small, but we could punch a hole in any group of enemy combatants, large or huge. We expanded our operations to the Empire and Alliance systems. Eventually some of us went to work for the Galactic Powers to make larger amounts of credits to fund our operations. This was about the time is when Cmdr LXC decided to step down as the leader of The Nine. I decided to lead the remainder of the squadron and take it in a new direction.

The squadron was re-branded as “Vortex Squadron”, and we started actively looking for pilots with the same thirst for conquest and profit as ourselves. We had even more old comrades jump on board with us and several new pilots. The V-Squad had expanded into other areas like mining, exploration, trading. Once we broadened our reach, the profits were growing exponentially.

When the time was right, Sarge, Shark and I decided we wanted to take things to the next level. We formed a faction for the squadron called “Vortex Continuum”. Shark and Sarge found a suitable place where we could start the procedures in LTT 7126. I filed the requests and made friends with high-level politicians to have the name officially recognized by the Pilots Federation.
All of that hard work paid off. We were accepted as a faction and we have begun operations in our new home at Phillifent Dock.

We have a very talented group of Pilots in the Vortex Squadron, and we plan to expand as far as we can. Our future can only get brighter!
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