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Herein dictates the Covenants of His Royal Highness, the Pallas Cephei, Defender of the Phoebus Hydra, Surveyor of the 2nd Southern Galactic Quadrant, Heir of the Void, and Lord Paramount of Liu Yines, Barron Ryder, to His ministers, justiciars, wardens, patricians, governors, knights, stewards, servants, and subjects.

Clause the First:  By this our present charter confirmed for us and our heirs for ever that the church shall be free, and shall have her rights entire, and her liberties inviolate.

Clause the Second:  No knight or other warden or knight shall take life or provisions from any man without an immediate cash payment, unless the seller permits postponement of this.

Clause the Third:  If any guardian or others holding of us in chief by military service shall have died, and at the time of his death his heir is known, his heir shall have his inheritance.  If any debts be owed by the deceased, the heir shall pay those same debts with no interest. Should no heir be known, his lands will revert to the Crown.  

Clause the Fourth:  We will appoint governors and wardens only those who know the law of the realm and who wish to observe it well.  All guardians of lands, for which they hold charter from Him, or for which they have long-standing possession, shall have the custody of them when vacant, as they should have.

Clause the Fifth:  No aid shall be imposed upon any guardian by the Crown, nor upon the people by any guardian, without the common consent of His subjects.  For obtaining the common consent of the people concerning the assessment of an aid, we will cause to be summoned the ministers, justiciars, patricians, governors, and stewards by the wardens.

Clause the Sixth:  No man shall be compelled to do more service for a knight's fee, or for any other land free-holding, than is due from it.

Clause the Seventh:  No constable shall compel any knight to give money instead of military service, if the knight is willing to undertake the guard himself, or to supply another responsible man to do it, if he cannot do it himself for any reasonable cause.

Clause the Eighth:  If a man holds Crown land and also holds land of another lord for knight's service we will not have the wardship of his heir or of such land he holds of the other lord's fief.

Clause the Ninth:  No freeman shall be arrested or imprisoned or outlawed or exiled or in any other way harmed.  Nor will we proceed against him, or send other to do so, except according to the lawful sentence of his peers and according to the Common Law. To no one will we sell, to no one will we refuse or delay, right or justice.

Clause the Tenth:  All evil customs relating to knights shall immediately be investigated by twelve sworn knights.  The evil customs shall, within 7 days of the said inquest, be completely and irrevocably abolished.  This is provided always that we or our justiciar are first informed.

Clause the Eleventh:  A knight may only be punished in accordance with the seriousness of the offence.  For a slight offence, he shall be punished correspondingly, leaving him is contenement.  For a grave offence, he shall be banished correspondingly, voiding all claims to land and title.  Knights shall be punished only by their peers, and only in proportion with the degree of the offence.

Clause the Twelfth:  It shall be lawful in future for any one, keeping loyalty to the Crown, to leave our kingdom and to return safely and securely. This is except in time of war, when men may go, only in the public interest, for some short period.  This excludes, always, those imprisoned or outlawed in accordance with the law of the realm, natives of any country at war with us, and merchants.

KNOW THAT before our subjects, for the health of our soul and those of our ancestors and heirs, to the honour of Barron Ryder, and the better ordering of our kingdom, the following governance structure shall be established.  The Magister Primus, Lord High Justiciar of Ryder Territories, and Supreme Commander of all Ryders shall represent His Royal Highness in all matters.  The Magister Secundus, Lord High Steward of Ryder Territories, High Orator, and Vice Commander of all Ryders shall be the heir in all rights and duties of the Supreme Commander should the former fall.  The Magisters shall form appropriate ministries to serve them in counsel, to include areas of commerce (Lord High Treasurer), defense (Lord High Admiral), foreign affairs (Lord High Chancellor), and technology (Lord High Constable).


Modern Translation by Patrician Arturo Rosa:

1st Clause:  No discrimination or antagonization on the basis of race, sexuality, religion, or nationality is permitted within the Ryders of the Void.
2nd Clause:  No Ryder is permitted to grief other players.
3rd Clause:  Ryders who have been rewarded with land and title may name an heir and pass that land and title to another member. However, the new member must carry out the same duties as promised by the old member.
4th Clause:  Only Ryders who know and follow these laws are qualified to be granted Guardianship of a base or system.  Guardianship will not be revoked from infrequently playing members.
5th Clause:  No Ryder will be made to act in a manner outside their own desires.
6th Clause:  No Ryder will be made to perform more duties than they have agreed to and/or have already been compensated for.
7th Clause:  No Ryder will be made to perform combat duties or be made to perform other duties in exchange for combat duties.
8th Clause:  Ryders are able to be members in both the Ryder faction and any Power Play faction without repercussion.
9th Clause:  All Ryders are granted the right to swift and thorough justice.  No Ryder will directly or indirectly seek revenge on another Ryder or exiled Ryder.
10th Clause:  Ryder leadership will appoint 12 members to investigate and recommend resolution of wrongs within 7 days of notification.
11th Clause:  Punishments are delivered by the violator's peers.  If it is a major offense, he will be expelled from Ryder territory and all Lands and Titles will be returned to the Crown.
12th Clause:  Ryders are free to safely move in and out of Ryder territory.  Non-Ryders are permitted only at each member's discretion - holding true to the previous clauses.
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