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Factions that are interested in creating a long-lasting, mutual defense pact with the Ryders of the Void can request Ryder Patronage. Interested Factions become Vassals of His Royal Highness Barron Ryder and the Faction's leader becomes a Baron within His Royal Court. The Baron of the Faction is a free-holder of his Faction's lands and is expected to lead his members as he or she sees fit. All members of the Faction become equal members of Ryders of the Void and have full access to all Ryder lands. In addition to mutual defense, the Faction and Ryders of the Void agree to abide by full Acquisition and Cross-Servicing (free support and trade across territories), Status of Forces (free stationing of forces across territories), and Visiting Forces agreements (free passage of forces through territories).

Interested Factions and their members must abide by the Pactum Ad Regem and all Treaties and Accords entered into by the Ryders of the Void.

HRH Barron Ryder reserves the right to Veto any Vassal's unilateral declaration of war against another player faction.
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