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History of the Anarcho Communist Collective

-The beginning of the ACC starts off back with the colonisation of LHS 397, with the small local population of only 3,000 defying the Federal Charter and commencing the practice of a Cooperative society. A year later the Federal Congress would react to this development and is outraged by the return of it's old rival, Communism. A small flotilla of Federal Navy ships is sent to restore law and order in LHS 397. Upon their arrival the flotilla commander found that the Colonists in the preparation phase for departure in the Colony ship. 250 people were forced to stay behind at Fischer Point, while the flotilla commenced illegal combat operations against the last of the shuttles docking with the Colony ships, 100 people would die before the Colony ship would manage to escape the flotilla. The ship was known as the 'FCS Icarus', and would be the first ship in the nomadic fleet of the ACC. They tried to establish another colony, but where ever they went Federal ships were sent to reclaim Federal property. They soon realised that deep space nomad-ism had to become a way of life for their people, and as the Feds and Imps started to punish dissidents and annex more colonies, the population of the ship grew, along with the fleet. Over the hundreds of years to pass, wars, annexations and attempted revolutions would rage, forcing people out of their homes and making them flee. They would find refuge in the Nomadic fleets of the ACC, some would eventually find their way to permanent safe holds, such as Angorovici or Nagii. Many would find a friend in the Alliance, who welcomed their people and encouraged them to settle towards the Spica Frontier. By 3301 only one ACC fleet actively roamed through independent and Alliance space, and would one day receive a call for aid from Independent Leesti for Equality.

-3301 Leesti joins the Alliance, using a socialist intermediary known as ILFE. Despite a major push by the Alliance CMDRs, Justice Party of Leesti seizes the planet. JPL enforces a draconian regime, punishing dissidence with mind locks, execution and concentration camps.

-3302 AEDC and Allied CMDRS push to liberate Leesti, by running cargo, data and combat missions for ILFE. The Allied CMDRs also start running supplies down to the surface of Leesti for Guerrillas known as the Anarcho Communists of Leesti. Cities and towns that rebelled were put under siege, with the constant presence of JPL Eagles and Vipers. Supplies for the ACL meant they were able to repel JPL forces and liberate further territories.
-Mid 3302 BGS prep in Leesti leads to full scale system revolution. Orbital assaults with JPL last a week before the dictatorship fled. ILFE becomes the intermediary for Anar hosts and Communists on the planetary surfaces in Lave cluster. ACLC is born out of this.
-late 3302/early 3303 ACL is able to gain the attention of Alliance pilots and other communes throughout the cluster, founding the ACLC on George Lucas Station.
-Feb 3303 An expedition is sent to research newly discovered Guardian sites.
-March 3303, ACLC comes into direct conflict with Feds, Riedquat Corp in Riedquat and Orrere Energy Corp in CD-34 9020. Both of these corporations cut a deal with the Alliance, forcing ACLC to sign the Oguninskmii treaty. The war with Riedquat costs ACLC lives, and still rages between the corp and Riedquat Workers Party.
-April 3303 the ACLC focuses on the frontier of Lave, making contact with Unelinte and Dijkstra. The ACLC also travels multiple times to the Manite bubble to aid the CIU.
-CMDR ARGHouse departs Unelinte for a neutron star in the core, along the way they discover many terraformables and earth likes.
May 3303 CMDR ARGHouse makes it to the neutron star after a month of traveling. A day later the CIUES Kropotkin is caught in a White Dwarf Jet Stream. The ship is destroyed, CMDR ARGHouse killed along with Mac Ortiz and his guests. CMDR ARGHouse is cloned back in Gagarin. Colonia is their new destination.
-July 3303 a hundred systems, such as Unelinte, Rians and so on form the 'New Alliance', a decentralised agreement based on free association among systems. This is in response to the Alliance's lack of interest in the protection of frontier systems, with continued Federal and Imperial annexations in the area, the system confederation known as the 'Lave Frontier Alliance' is formed.
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