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LSR Ranks, Roles, and Responsibilities.

On the Topic of Ranks, Roles, and Responsibilites.


- Has read, understands, agrees to, and abides by our Discord Server rules, and our LSR Tenets, General Mission Objectives, and Rules of Engagement.

- Makes an effort to be active both in game, as well as in Discord.

- Starts meeting members of the group and flying with them.

- Updates their Inara CMDR Profile once or twice during the Recruit Period.

- All recruits are assigned to LEAD Fleet, short for Leviathan Education and Deployment, upon being accepted into LSR. For more information on LEAD and how we handle the training and deployment of our Recruits, and the transition to a Fleet and the position of Operative, please see our LEAD and Recruits document.


- Members on leave, and members who have not been active on Inara, Discord, and Elite: Dangerous in some time.

- If you require an extended period of time away from the group, we understand, and one of our policies is that “IRL Comes First.” Letting us know you're on leave prevents us from tagging you as inactive and potentially removing you from the group, so please submit a notification to Military Council or the Lieutenants Commission.

- If you are inactive beyond 30 days without notifying someone in Leadership, or in the group in case you can't reach them with a message of some kind, you will be demoted to Reserve status, and after 120 days inactivity you will be dismissed from service.

- If you are returning from Reserve status, we will reinstate your previous rank, provided you return to active duty.

- If you are removed from service and wish to join us again, you must resubmit a join request, rejoin our discord, and remain active with the group.


- Is active on a regular basis and makes an effort to update their Inara CMDR profile bi-weekly.

- Makes an effort to participate in current Missions, Group Events, and general discussions.

- Shows a willingness to learn and respond to objectives as part of a group.

- Shows a willingness to improve both as part of a group, and as an individual CMDR.

Senior Operative:

- Begins to promote the core concepts of the LSR and works in tandem with others to carry out objective and foster an atmosphere of community and cohesiveness.

- Is able to field a BGS capable ship for shifting influence, a PVP capable ship of any size, and a ship capable of re-fuelling operations.

- Begins to understand some of the higher concepts and less known tactics of BGS/PVP and begins to apply them to their efforts in game.

Commissioned Officer:

- Reserved for graphic designers, ambassadors, moderators, community managers, former leadership staff, support staff, etc.

- Works to improve community relations with our allies and friends

Flight Officer:

- Reserved for pilots of high-skill level and potential leadership candidates.

- Is acting “Fleet Commander” in absence of a Lieutenant if part of a fleet, and provides support to the Lieutenants Commission.

- Is not necessarily locked to a particular fleet.

- Moves and acts as needed, but within reason, to foster growth, community, teamwork and communication across all fleets and members.

- Provides input and feedback from the rest of the group to Military Council and Lieutenants Commission.


- Is acting “Fleet Commander” in absence of a Captain and provides support to the Captain.

- Locked to a particular fleet to foster growth, community, teamwork, and communication within their fleet.

- Lieutenants form a Commission to advise Military Council and total one vote collectively for Council Affairs, and have full voting rights for Meetings.

- Lieutenants can call for votes within Lieutenants Commission to push things up to Military Council.

- Is active regularly in all group aspects and works with Military Council to ensure growth and progress.


- Specializes in one or more aspects of Elite.

- Is acting “Fleet Commander” in absence of a Rear Admiral and provides support to the Rear Admiral.

- Is capable of coherently, and amicably leading groups of CMDRs to complete objectives.

- Moderates the group if necessary, and exemplifies the core principles of the LSR.

- Is capable of fielding one or more Command Class ships.

- Attends monthly meetings to discuss the past, present, and future of the LSR.

- Has full voting rights for Council Affairs and Meetings, but will count collectively with Lieutenants Commission as a "Tie-Breaker Vote" if necessary.

Rear Admiral:

- Able to see the “bigger-picture” on our journey as a group.

- Actively works with our members to promote unity and teamwork.

- Provides direction and instruction on a number of subjects.

- Able to effectively lead larger groups of CMDRs as a “Fleet Commander” to complete objectives.

- Provides regular training sessions for members, works on creating and promoting group events.

- Works with both our allies and members to encourage and share our values and ways, and actively supports both ours, and our allies communities and efforts.


- BGS Specialist.

- Provides instruction and training on High-Level BGS Tactics.

- Answers questions and provides feedback to Operatives and Leadership based on current BGS Capabilities and Goals.

- Maintains and leads a specialist BGS fleet.

- Provides a Daily Update as well as direction if needed.


- PVP Specialist.

- Provides instruction and training on High-Level PVP Tactics.

- Answers questions and provides feedback to Operatives and Leadership based on current PVP Capabilities and Goals.

- Maintains and leads a specialist PVP fleet.

- Provides a Daily Update as well as direction if needed.


- Works in tandem with current Council / Commission to ensure information is disseminated accurately and efficiently.

- Seeks ways to engage all of our members in discussion, changes, and decisions, and ensures everyone is on the same page.

- Works in tandem with our allies to create, establish, and maintain relationships and influence levels.


- Provides direction to the group as a whole.
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