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nos stamus ut clypeus, renatus ex cinere

The history of the Pixel Bandits Security Force is a long one, and it has not always been the shining example of interstellar law which can be seen today. Through the 176 years since its formation in 3125, allegations of corruption and police brutality were not a stranger to the desks of the Commanders in charge.

With strong political ties, these charges were swept under the carpet, backhanders in darkened station corridors meant that freedom could be bought, for a price. The rich got richer and the poor, stealing for necessity were condemned to serve time in overcrowded and unsanitary prison complexes.

The commanders in charge ensured that once a small, lightweight brown package was received, vital evidence would disappear from secure lockups, mistakes would be made on paperwork, anything possible to sully the case and have it thrown out. If there were questions asked, it would rarely be the captains in the firing line, instead detectives and evidence handlers were unceremoniously canned, all in the public eye. Those in charge grew fatter, living lifestyles more and more extravagant, all paid for by the men and women they had a duty to put behind bars.

When they recruited Christopher ‘Cap’ Anaidni back in 3265 at the tender age of 18, little did they know that this private would eventually be their downfall. Going up against the High Council directly would have been a mistake. Like those accused of making case breaking errors, refusal to play into the schemes of the OWSLA would get you thrown off the force, or worse a one way ticket to the prison complex, full of inmates with grudges to bear.

Cap went about things in his own way, he played the long game. Year after year he gathered evidence, rising up the ranks and collecting an audio clip here, G-mails there he put together a case spanning three and a half decades and incorporating each member of the high council as well as a number of public figures in the media and politics. Every shady deal was neatly filed away, every assassination the media blamed on a religious fanatic, every accident attributed to an officer’s mistake, Cap brought it all out.

The people rebelled. Corruption had been as good as known, but with this evidence there was no stopping the revolution of 3300. The government of the time had no comeback, and toppled like a house of cards in a hurricane. The citizens, backed by the incorruptibles within PBSF, led the charge. Almost as soon as it began, it was all over. Empty government buildings and a lack of trust from the citizenry meant that even those politicians with no blood on their hands had no chance. There was only one man who could be trusted with the job of leading [REDACTED] Terminal into the new age.

With a new age came a new name. The first act taken by the newly promoted Captain Christopher Anaidni was a change to the station itself. [REDACTED] Terminal, a name reeking of finality, was to be reborn with a title its denizens could be proud of, and one which made sure the station would forever remain looking toward the future. [REDACTED] Vision was born and, with no official government an agreement was made between the Citizens and the new Pixel Bandits Security Force to keep the police state in power for the future.

Since forming the new PBSF, Anaidni has seen the empire spread through space, and in addition to the Elite Space Arm pilots of old, has been at the forefront of the PBSF expansion into exploration on planetary surfaces with the Pathfinders, and infantry troops with the Roughnecks. In addition to these the PBSF R&R Department has also been set up, bringing a mixed bag of sports to keep the PBSF troops entertained. The Planet of Vivally in the LHS 448 system is the home of most PBSF racing leagues and sports, while Ising Vision in the Neto system hosts its own rocket powered Soccer car tournaments, with the premier division being the Neto Liga Federal, or NLF. More information is avilable on these of course, in the PBSF's corporate PR website at

It has been a year, so far, since the police state was declared, and [REDACTED] has never been safer, it’s citizens never happier. When Cap Anaidni was promoted by the populace to the rank of Captain he rebuilt the shattered PBSF from the ground up. Shaking out the corrupt pilots and installing a new High Council of OWSLA who work tirelessly to keep the PBSF and the citizens of [REDACTED] on the straight and narrow. With a growing base of pilots, expanding daily, all Cap currently wants to know is, do YOU have what it takes?

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