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The company has its origins in the gameplay and roleplay in the blog, Vauban's Journey, in particular part 2 chapters 5 & 6.

Essentially, after Cmdr Vauban and Cmdr Matzov combined to pirate some pirates, we needed a RP way to launder profits from black market sales, and as we had both recently taken to a bit of mining, the fictional company was born.

We hope that gives the group a flexibility in gameplay and roleplay - predominantly focused on mining, and sharing tips, tricks and best practice, but also the freedom to pirate pirates, collect bounties, and RES hunt.
Cmdr Matzov's backstory as a business man with a moral compass which is not quite always pointing true north, gave us the basis to create the company as a distant part of the Sirius/Li-Yong Rui powerplay group, although distant enough not to insist on allegiance in Powerplay to be a key aspect of participation.

Indeed, members are free to engage in any other gameplay outside the group - Matzov himself wears many hats as a businessman and as a member of EliteSirius.

However, within 'here' we would like to remain true to the world of Pan-Galactic Corp, meaning that, under its auspices and lore, we stick to discussion of mining, of pirating pirates, of trade, and of Bounty hunting - within the framework of keeping galactic commerce flowing, and within the more loose framework of supporting Independent Corporate Minor factions (in keeping with Li-Yong Rui aims).

Again, I stress that no one need be signed up to Powerplay, and they may even be signed up for another power - just as, as an employee of a company, one doesn't necessarily have to support the same politics as the company one works for. However, bear in mind that it does form part of the lore of origin.
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