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The Diamond Frogs attract pilots from all over Civ-Space, but a goodish number seem to have come from a remnant of the Revolutionary Jotunheim Resistance, where after a bloody battle and numerous setbacks, fractured and dispersed from the no longer independent Jotunheim system. Despite this, Jotunheim, its planet Daisy, and the station called "Big Harry's Monkey Hangout" remain fierce in their hearts, and many long to take the system back again.

Of course, this means lots and lots of capital. They don't need a Resistance, they need an army, one made of rock hard individuals who are also... Frogs? Whatever. We get a lot of sponsorship from the Frog System, we don't ask what mascot goes on our t-shirts. Also I guess we are led by "Big Frog" and- oh! Oh! That's why! I just got why we're called th-*thumping sound, sounds of a scuffle, holo-recorder shuts off*

Hi Ho, sorry about that folks. OPSEC, and all that. I'll be taking over the history duties from our young intern here. It's a fascinating story, one of heroes and ghosts, bloody promises and forgotten misty Tuesday rendezvous. More on that later, though. Ta!
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