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About the Alien Scout Corps

The Alien Scout Corps is an independent intelligence group dedicated to protecting humanity from alien threats, whatever they may be. We go out into the void, seeking answers to the questions that can decide the fate of the human race. With the imminent Thargoid threat, the ASC has devoted all its resources to gathering information on this alien threat. To keep up with demands for manpower, we have started open recruitment. If you wish to apply, join us on Inara and then contact CMDR Elizabeth Willows on the Wing’s discord. Hope to see you soon. Fly safe, commanders!

As a member of the ASC, you will be assigned to one of three roles based on your skill set: Scout, Guardian, and Archivist. Each has their own duties, and none is more important than the other. Please take some time to read the descriptions of each role below.

If you are selected to be a Scout, your job will be to go out into the field and collect information. You are the eyes of the ASC, the seekers who uncover the knowledge we require.

Some of the more prominent duties of a Scout are investigating abandoned Thargoid bases, inspecting crashed/destroyed Thargoid vessels, collecting Thargoid technology and artifacts, and observing Thargoid battle tactics.

One thing a Scout must keep in mind at all times is that they do NOT fight. You want to remain undetected as much as possible. The information you collect can potentially save countless lives, and could cause great damage if it fell into the wrong hands. If a situation escalates into violence, leave immediately and jump to a safe system. Leave the fighting to the Guardians.

If you are selected to be a Guardian, your job will be to protect our people whenever necessary. You are the muscle behind the ASC, the protectors that make sure our mission succeeds.

Some of the more prominent duties of a Guardian are protecting Scouts out in the field, guarding our HQ, escorting prominent members and allies to their destination, and occasionally testing new weapons and countermeasures designed for use against the Thargoids. You will also very rarely assist 3rd party groups in attacking Thargoids so we can collect data on the battle.

One thing a Guardian must keep in mind at all times is that they must know when to pick their battles. There is no shame whatsoever in tactical retreat. If a battle becomes too much for you, leaving to fight another day is the smartest choice you can make. If you do not think you can win a battle, avoid entering it if possible. In the end, your life is just as important as the ones you are saving, so don’t just throw it away.

If you are selected to be an Archivist, your job will be to analyze and implement the information we collect. You are the brains of the ASC, the deep thinkers who decode the mysteries we face today.

Some of the more prominent duties of an Archivist are analyzing data, decoding puzzles and codes, developing theories on the Thargoids, and creating ways to defeat them.

One thing an Archivist must keep in mind at all times is that just because you aren’t out in the field doing something, does not make you unimportant. A body is powerful, but it is useless without a mind to direct it. Without you, any data the Scouts collect is pointless. Knowledge is power, and you are the most powerful of all.

To be selected for a role, you must meet certain requirements necessary for the job. Below you will see a list of the requirements for each role in the ASC. All members must join the Wing Discord server.

  • Willing and able to travel long distances
  • Access to video and image capture software
  • Required Modules
    • Advanced Discovery Scanner
    • Detailed Surface Scanner
    • Kill Warrant Scanner
    • Cargo Manifest Scanner
    • Frame Shift Wake Scanner
    • Cargo Rack (at least 16T capacity)
    • Planetary Vehicle Hangar (With SRV)
  • [PREFERRED] Able to use silent running efficiently

  • Combat rank Master or higher
  • Large ship capable of defending allies
    • Capability determined on a case-by-case basis
  • Able to keep up with Scouts (Jump Range)
  • Required Modules
    • Kill Warrant Scanner
    • FSD Interdictor
    • Planetary Vehicle Hangar (With SRV)
    • [PREFERRED] Fighter Hangar

  • Image/video editing software
  • Good critical thinking skills
  • Good literary skills
  • Reading, writing, and understanding it
  • Access to the internet at any given time
  • Working microphone and/or webcam
  • [PREFERRED] Experience with coding

Our headquarters are in the Moirai system at the station Scoutrix Prime. We currently do not have an in-game faction, but that will come in time.
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