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AIC Statement

We are the Allied Imperial Coalition. Together, we call for unity in these uncertain times. The two oldest powers sit in cold war, poised to stoke the flames and turn the war hot. The advent of the FSD has seen an explosion of our species spread far and wide across this galaxy in time that seemed impossible just a decade ago.
More recently, there is word of encounters with alien craft and discoveries of an old civilisation's ruins. We say, now is not the time for humanity to be fractured. No, let us who can, stand together. We look at the Alliance and the Empire and we see commonalities. We see the ideals of freedom and honour and we see potential for friendship. We are here to promote that.
Let us stand together against Federal aggression, the lawless Kumo Crew and any other threats. As our race grows in this galaxy, unity will be our guide or division will be our end.
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