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Our galaxy has always been a very cold and dark existence for many commanders, especially those that are simply trying to make an honest living to support their families. Miners, trader, explorers... they wake up every day reassuring their wives, husbands, and children that they'll be home in time for supper, however knowing full well the risks and the dangers that await them the moment their ship leaves the star port.  Time and time again you read the reports on Galnet of the senseless acts of violence against these hard working citizens. Some are pirated for their cargo and allowed to carry on their way, however most end up simply being murdered for the sick satisfaction of others. You hear the reports from the victim's families calling for revenge, begging for somebody to stand up and do something. Alas, the only responses heard are even more family members' pleas for justice. It wasn’t until the day Zerthena, the wife of my life long mentor, came to me with the news of his untimely demise at the hands of injustice. Word is he was able to take out 3 of the pirates before another full wing joined in to finish him off. Now I too, was finding myself wondering "Why isn't anybody doing anything?"

Then it hit me. "What if every commander that has ever been bullied, tormented, and taunted... decided to all stand together united as one and say 'enough is enough'?" Of course these commanders would still need to make a living, but they would also spend time training in the art of combat. So when the time came, they would be able to come together in overwhelming numbers in support of each other no matter the obstacles placed in front of them. They would send wings of commanders to areas where the inexperienced fly to teach them basic survival skills, work with them so they understand how to make a decent living and hold true to that daily promise of being home by supper. Give them the necessary skills to not only defend themselves, but to hopefully one day be able to join the cause and stand up to injustice. Most importantly, show them how to fly with integrity... This simple idea was forged into the foundation of the Paladin Consortium, "Pilot Autonomy... Unified as One."

-Big Pappa
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